16 Jun 21

Scope 3 supply chain emissions – how to improve your supplier data

Greenstone is holding a webinar on 'Scope 3 supply chain emissions – how to improve your supplier data' on Thursday 15th July
4pm BST.

Measuring and reducing scope 3 emissions (emissions from the value chain) has become a primary focus for companies, particularly those who have set science-based or net-zero targets. With this comes the challenge of data collection from parties outside of your company – in many cases from suppliers, who can make up a large proportion of scope 3 emissions.

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24 May 21

Measuring scope 3 supply chain emissions - choosing the right method

As we have covered in some of our recent blogs – ‘Scope 3 GHG emissions explained’ and ‘4 key steps to starting your scope 3 emissions reporting journey’ – there is both a significant need as well as a significant challenge in understanding an organisation’s value chain (or scope 3) emissions.

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26 Apr 21

Hypertherm advances sustainability & supply chain data with software

Greenstone has been working with global manufacturer Hypertherm to improve the company’s data management across its global locations and supply chain. Through the use of Greenstone’s sustainability and supply chain software solutions, Hypertherm has been able to streamline data collection and access the accurate data required to set ambitious goals for 2030. Read the project case study below.

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15 Mar 21

What impact has COVID-19 had on supply chains & responsible sourcing?

One of the most publicised and immediate impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic was, and still is, the impact on supply chains. Everything impacted supply chains - from the restrictions being placed on the movement of people and the ways in which goods could be transported, to the human impact of the virus that meant it became more challenging to produce goods and deliver services.

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16 Oct 20

Webinar - the value and impact of Supplier Codes of Conduct

Greenstone, in partnership with Ardea International and the University of Westminster Business School, is hosting a webinar on the value and impact of Supplier Codes of Conduct on Thursday 12th November at 4pm GMT. 

A code of conduct is a set of guidelines for suppliers that defines the company’s relationship with a supplier and lays out the behavioural and procedural standards required of them. It is a voluntary document from the company’s perspective, but it is often mandated as part of their contract that suppliers agree to the terms and principles laid out in the code.

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4 Jun 20

Bird & Bird streamline supplier information security assessments with SupplierPortal

Global law firm Bird & Bird has implemented Greenstone’s supply chain sustainability software, SupplierPortal, to engage with and assess the performance of its global supplier network.

This case study outlines the journey Bird & Bird have been on to find a robust and reliable solution that supports continual supplier engagement, ongoing assessment, and an efficient annual audit cycle.

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14 May 20

Greenstone sponsors leading sustainable procurement event in North America

Greenstone is sponsoring and exhibiting at the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council’s (SPLC) 2020 Summit next week (May 18-20). Due to the current covid-19 epidemic, this year the Summit is being run as a completely virtual event.

The SPLC Virtual Summit 2020 will bring together sustainable procurement and sustainability professionals, suppliers, and advocates to access more than 24 hours of live content. The Summit will include plenary keynotes, breakout sessions and an interactive exhibit hall across three days. With this new virtual Summit, attendees have on-demand access for up to a year – to catch a missed presentation, download additional resources, hear the inspiring keynotes, or visit exhibitor booths again.

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25 Mar 20

Webinar: Sustainable procurement and modern slavery risk – how to ensure you are meeting global legislation

Greenstone and Ardea International, a specialist business and human rights consultancy, have partnered to hold a webinar on how to integrate global modern slavery risk into a sustainable procurement strategy. This webinar will be held on Wednesday 22nd April at 4pm GMT.

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17 Mar 20

Greenstone enhances SupplierPortal with supplier risk and action management

Greenstone has recently updated its supply chain management software solution SupplierPortal with enhanced supplier risk management and corrective action functionality.

This provides SupplierPortal users with a joined-up and fully automated approach to identifying high-risk suppliers, engaging with suppliers and remediating supply chain risk.

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28 Feb 20

Supplier information security assessments – global law firm case study

Greenstone works with organisations to assess and reduce supply chain risk and enable responsible supply chains. An increasing area of focus in this work is information security. 

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