Health & Safety

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Greenstone’s Health & Safety module, part of Greenstone’s Enterprise sustainability and health and safety reporting software solution, enables businesses to collect and consolidate health and safety data, manage incident reporting and generate reports to monitor performance over time.

The Health & Safety module enables you to:

  • Record and report on health and safety incidents
  • Comply with incident reporting requirements (including RIDDOR and OSHA)
  • Prevent future incidents by acting on the data you collect and gaining insight into underlying trends
  • Open incident investigations and assign corrective actions with specific users
  • Define custom health and safety questionnaires to gather key company KPIs
  • Move away from using cumbersome spreadsheets, or multiple platforms, and on to centralised data management


Below are some examples of how Greenstone’s health and safety reporting software module is used: 


Data collection

Collect and consolidate custom Health & Safety metric data relevant to your business in one place.

Incident reporting

Incident reporting

Capture and report on incidents. Manage, escalate and investigate incident cases. View incident reports and assign remedial actions with reminder notifications.



Open an investigation following an incident to identify root cause analysis (RCA).



Analyse incident trends through a selection of dashboards and reports.



This health and safety reporting software enables you to run incident trend reports, individual incident summary reports and regulator template reports (e.g. OSHA 300 & OSHA 300A).

H&S checklists

H&S checklists

Distribute H&S checklists to sites for online completion.

Custom questionnaires

Custom Questionnaires

Distribute custom questionnaires to sites to gather company KPIs through free text, multi-choice, numerical, attachment and table question types.


  • SaaS platform - cloud-based solution accessed from anywhere, and by an unlimited number of users
  • Customisation - create and report against custom H&S metric and KPIs
  • Data management – flexible data entry including automated data feeds, spreadsheet upload and simple online data entry
  • Flexibility - Flexible reporting structure with unlimited reporting points
  • Tailored access - unlimited users, user groups and profiles including restricted user access to separate personally identifiable information
  • Easy-to-use interface - intuitive user workflow, guidance text and a built-in Support Hub
  • Analysis - customisable analysis tools and dynamic and exportable performance dashboards enabling you to visualise and analyse data, your way
  • Integration – integrates with third-party and internal systems via APIs or SFTP to import data and output data for third-party BI tools
  • Performance – track and monitor performance through a selection of dashboards and reports
  • Framework alignment – content aligned with Health & Safety regulators including OSHA (US) and HSE RIDDOR (UK)
  • Best-in-class technical architecture – built on Microsoft.NET platform, hosted with Armor Defense and SOC2 accredited


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At Greenstone, our brand promise to our clients is ‘data that talks to you’ and we make it central to everything we do – both in the way we develop our software and the way we support our clients:

  • We invest in our software to guarantee usability, relevance and quality to ensure that our clients get the information and insights they need from their data.
  • We engage with our client community to develop and innovate our software and services in line with their evolving requirements. 
  • We provide uncapped support from our dedicated team of experts, to ensure our clients have access to technical support and best practice advice.

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