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Health & Safety

Using the Health & Safety module, within Greenstone’s sustainability software solution, you can collect and consolidate health and safety metric data relevant to your organisation, view analysis dashboards and generate reports to monitor performance over time.

Ensuring the health and safety of your employees is essential for any responsible business irrespective of which sector you are in. Health & Safety management is not just about meeting compliance requirements; it’s about preventing future incidents by acting on the data you collect and gaining insight into underlying trends. 

Greenstone’s health and safety reporting software module includes Incident Reporting, aligned with RIDDOR and OSHA requirements, enabling you to track actions, open investigations and record all health and safety related occupational incidents such as an accident, disease or dangerous occurrence.

Using this health and safety reporting module enables you to move away from using cumbersome spreadsheets, or multiple platforms, and on to centralised data management and reporting across environment, sustainability and health and safety functions. 

You can also report data related to LTI (Loss Time through Injury) from local incident reporting records to provide global analysis and reporting capabilities.  Functionality includes the ability to calculate a frequency rate based on total man-hours worked for given time periods. 

The risk register dashboard enables you to report and manage categorised risks across your organisation and track the changes in probability and severity over time.

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“All our users tell us how simple the H&S module is to use, which has led to more accurate and timely reporting, resulting in an increased confidence in the data and transforming our management insight on performance.”

Global HSE Director, Fenner

Technical Specification

What functionality is included?

  • Flexible organisation structure with unlimited reporting entities and data sources

  • Customisable workflow for review and escalation procedures

  • Recommendation engine for RIDDOR and OSHA triggers

  • Set the man-hours ratio for your organisation

  • Record the LTI (Loss Time through Injury) for each location

  • Create any other H&S metric required for your organisation

  • Simple online data entry form for users

  • Upload supporting notes and documents

  • View 12 month rolling average for LTI data

  • Analyse performance through a selection of dashboards and reports

What are the benefits of this module?

  • Easy-to-use tool for multiple user groups across your organisation, increasing their awareness and engagement

  • Identify trends in H&S incidents across different parts of your organisation to inform future remedial action

  • In depth analysis of information, enabling you to significantly improve H&S performance quickly and effectively

  • Remove the data management headache, enabling you to focus on analysing the results

  • Save cost through a reduced administrative burden compared to an offline / Excel based process

  • Reduce business risk and associated cost
  • Improve the robustness of your H&S data

The techie stuff

  • Built on Microsoft.NET platform

  • Hosted with Rackspace, providing full physical and online data security

  • Full disaster recovery provision

  • Compatible with all modern browsers: IE8+, Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox

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