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Greenstone’s Frameworks module, part of Greenstone’s Enterprise sustainability reporting software solution, enables clients to meet the reporting requirements of global sustainability frameworks and standards.

The Frameworks module enables you to:

  • Streamline reporting - collect data once and use it for multiple frameworks
  • Meet requirements of global ESG and sustainability reporting frameworks e.g. CDP, GRI, SASB, TCFD, DJSI and ISO
  • Manage customer and investor requests and custom KPIs alongside frameworks data so that all company ESG data lives in one place
  • Provide transparency to consumers, investors and other stakeholders


Below are some examples of how the Frameworks module, within Greenstone’s Enterprise sustainability reporting software, is used: 

Framework mapping

Framework mapping

Award-winning framework mapping functions to be able to link content across multiple sustainability reporting frameworks and against your own company KPIs (e.g. SDGs, UNGC, UNPRI). Apply framework tags to link data points to multiple frameworks.


CDP reporting

As a CDP gold solution provider, we have accredited content and modules for gathering, monitoring and reporting questions requested by CDP. Users can collect and manage the data and distribute the questionnaires required to manage the entire CDP reporting process.


GRI Standards

Certified by GRI’s Certified Software and Tools Program which guarantees that software and digital tools are using GRI content accurately. Designed to meet the requirements of GRI’s standards and enables companies to collect the required data needed to compile and produce a GRI report. 


SASB Standards

Greenstone is a SASB Materiality Map® and full standards licensee and provides functionality for gathering, monitoring and reporting using the SASB Standards. Users can report using the SASB metrics, topics and technical protocols from across 77 industry standards. 


SDG mapping and alignment

Users can collect, manage and report data to help them understand their contributions to all 17 of the UN SDGs. The SDGs are also mapped and aligned with other frameworks including the GRI Standards and your custom KPIs.

TCFD recommendations

TCFD recommendations

A TCFD tool to be able to monitor Management Information and collect, analyse and report site-level climate change risks and opportunities. Award-winning framework mapping functions to be able to link SASB and TCFD content to other industry or company-specific frameworks (e.g. SDGs, UNGC, UNPRI).

Custom questionnaire distribution

Custom questionnaire distribution

Assign and send custom question sets to different stakeholders across the business to collect, manage and analyse qualitative and quantitative data.

Customer requests

Customer requests

Maintain a central library of external data requests, from customers, NGOs or investors to keep track of how you’ve responded. Create and manage a central library of data requests from external parties by creating one set of responses and tagging them to specific organisations that have requested the data.


  • SaaS platform - cloud-based sustainability reporting software solution accessed from anywhere, and by an unlimited number of users
  • Certified content – comprehensive library of framework content, featuring UNGC, TCFD, the SDGs and certified content from GRI Standards, SASB and CDP (Gold Partner)
  • Unlimited access - unlimited users, user groups and profiles
  • Customisation – create your own custom metrics and questions to gather company ESG data from across the business
  • Map sustainability data - tag from a comprehensive library of framework content including accredited content from GRI Standards, SASB and CDP
  • KPI Analysis - customisable analysis tools and dynamic and exportable performance dashboards enabling you to visualise and analyse data, your way
  • Reporting – flexible reporting relevant to different sustainability reporting frameworks, a wide range of reports available in a comprehensive report template library
  • Integration – integrates with third-party and internal systems via APIs or SFTP to import data and output data for third-party BI tools
  • Data validation tools – access a full audit log and assign data for multi-tier approvals
  • Best-in-class technical architecture – built on Microsoft.NET platform, hosted with Armor Defense and SOC2 accredited


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