The Greenstone team regularly delivers 30-minute webinars on a broad range of key sustainability, ESG and supply chain topics for its clients and contacts. Sometimes we invite guest speakers from partner organisations such as SASB, CDP and GRI. All past webinars are available on-demand on this page. You can access all the webinars on-demand here. 

The TCFD recommendations and how they support a long-term ESG journey

This webinar that covers: An overview of the TCFD recommendations, key takeaways from the TCFD 2021 status report, the growing investor demand for accurate climate and ESG disclosure, how to report climate risks and opportunities, as well as the importance of disclosing Scope 3 emissions.

Unlocking ESG data to simplify the reporting challenge

In this webinar, with a guest speaker from Value Reporting Foundation, award-winning ESG software provider Greenstone discusses how to unlock ESG data to simplify the reporting challenge.

Scope 3 supply chain emissions - how to improve your supplier data

In this webinar, Greenstone discusses how to start your Scope 3 supply chain emissions journey, the importance of supplier engagement and the tools that we have available to help ensure you have confidence in your supplier data.

Reporting the impacts of COVID-19 in your environmental reports

This 30-minute webinar will reflect on the impact that COVID-19 has had so far on environmental disclosures, some of the key challenges that companies are facing and some solutions that we are seeing from our work at Greenstone, and the industry more broadly.

The importance of data in achieving net-zero & science-based targets

This webinar discusses the importance of data when tracking and reporting progress against targets. As well as trying to demystify the differences between different target types, this webinar will cover the growing emphasis on Scope 3 emissions reporting and provide some tips on how to ensure you have a robust data management strategy in place.

How to measure and report scope 3 GHG emissions accurately

In this webinar, Greenstone aims to help businesses understand the importance of Scope 3 emissions, where to start in tackling Scope 3 reporting and how software solutions are being used to solve the challenges of collection, calculation, reduction and reporting in this area.

How to prepare for CDP reporting in 2021

This webinar will covers The CDP reporting timeline and what’s changed in 2021. Also, the future of CDP reporting, best practice for preparing your data, tips on how to improve your previous years’ response and leveraging software to streamline your CDP reporting. Finally, we discuss linking your CDP data with other sustainability reporting frameworks

The SASB Standards & how they link to other reporting frameworks

In this webinar, Greenstone and a guest speaker from SASB will discuss the ever-evolving ESG reporting landscape, the challenges of reporting against multiple frameworks and how the SASB Standards provide linkages between TCFD and many other frameworks.

The value and impact of Supplier Codes of Conduct

In this webinar you will learn how businesses are addressing concerns about ethical behaviour in their supply chains. Also, how a code of conduct is a successful way to address those concerns and encourages transparency in a company and its supply chains. Finally, if Supplier Codes of Conduct aren’t legally required, what the incentives are for developing one.

CDP & TCFD reporting: disclosing climate change risks & opportunities

In this webinar, Greenstone and CDP put the spotlight on disclosing climate change risks and opportunities and discuss the alignment between frameworks and how organisations are using software to manage this disclosure.

ESG risks and opportunities for private equity firms

In this webinar, Greenstone will give an overview of the key risks and opportunities that ESG presents to private equity firms. This webinar is part of Climate Week NYC 2020

Aligning global sustainability frameworks – the role of software in mapping data

With a guest speaker from GRI, Alyson Genovese, this 45-minute webinar will give an update on global sustainability frameworks, the role of GRI in the current disclosure climate and how software can enable better framework alignment.

EU Taxonomy for sustainable finance – key impacts for companies and investors

This free 30-minute webinar gives an introduction to the EU Taxonomy on sustainable finance. It also covers key implications for companies, investors and issuers, including those reporting under the Non-Financial Reporting Directive. Finally, we give an Introduction to performance thresholds and technical screening plus practical tips on how to incorporate the EU Taxonomy.

Sustainable procurement and modern slavery risk

Greenstone and Ardea International, a specialist business and human rights consultancy, have partnered to hold a webinar on how to integrate global modern slavery risk into a sustainable procurement strategy.

BlackRock's sustainability announcement - how to respond

This webinar covers the recent BlackRock sustainability announcement, the direct and indirect impact this will have on corporate sustainability and how organisations can respond to this and other similar reporting requirements.

CDP reporting - preparing for 2020

With a guest speaker from CDP, Emily Pepper, this webinar will discuss CDP reporting for 2020, how to prepare and some tips on how to improve on last years' response.

How to comply with Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR)

This 30-minute webinar gives a brief introduction to the SECR regulations. Covering topics such as what exactly needs to be reported and how, top tips on how to prepare your organisation for reporting and finally how can Greenstone’s Enterprise software can help you comply with SECR.

How to address risk in a global supply chain

This 30-minute webinar covers the challenges of engaging a global supply chain, the importance of accurate and up-to-date data. Also topics such as identifying supply chain risk, remediating and resolving risk and finally the importance of on-going risk management.

Five practical steps to start measuring and reporting your organisation’s impact

Greenstone has partnered with impact measurement experts Vertigo Ventures to hold a 30-minute webinar on what impact reporting is and how to start measuring and reporting impacts as part of your organisation’s reporting strategy.

TCFD disclosure – where to start and how to align it with other frameworks

This free 30-minute webinar gives an introduction to the TCFD recommendations. It also covers key takeaways from the TCFD 2019 status report, what TCFD guidance means for company reporting, and finally practical tips on how to start aligning current disclosures with TCFD recommendations.

How to begin your sustainable procurement journey

Greenstone, leading provider of software solutions enabling responsible and sustainable supply chains, is holding a free 30-minute webinar on the changing relationship between sustainability and procurement and how to begin your sustainable procurement journey.