As a Gold CDP accredited software partner, Greenstone provides software and services to help its clients improve their CDP response. With in-depth knowledge of the CDP reporting framework, our team works closely with our clients through the whole process to ensure they submit a robust, clear and complete CDP response. Discover the latest news and stay up to date with all the changes regarding CDP disclosure. 

Greenstone & CDP reporting software

Learn more about how Greenstone’s global sustainability management software has been designed to meet the requirements of CDP reporting software and has a suite of dedicated tools to streamline the process.

CDP reporting 2021 scores released

Greenstone would like to congratulate all of its clients and partners who have worked hard to improve or maintain their score from last year, and those who were included on the prestigious CDP ‘A List’. This includes Greenstone’s clients Fujitsu and Sopra Steria who we are particularly proud to say have been part of the A List since 2017 and 2016 respectively.

CDP reporting 2021 – what’s changed since last year

With CDP reporting season looming, CDP has published its 2021 CDP reporting guidance and released its 2021 questionnaire on Climate Change. In this blog, we discuss the main changes to the 2021 climate change questionnaire.

CDP reporting 2020 scores released

CDP released scores for its 2020 Climate Change disclosures. A record-breaking 9,600+ companies disclosed through CDP in 2020, a 70% increase since the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015 and 14% up on last year.

CDP 2020 climate change questionnaire - changes for the financial services sector

In this article, we will discuss the key changes to the 2020 questionnaire to be aware of for the financial services (FS) sector and provide suggestions for those wishing to improve on their scores.

CDP reporting 2020 – frequently asked questions

Greenstone recently held a webinar with a guest speaker from CDP, on ‘CDP Reporting: preparing for 2020’. We had a number of interesting questions during and after the webinar. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about CDP reporting in 2020.

Becoming a responsible business – interview with Fujitsu

In this interview, recently published on CDP's blog, Greenstone talks to two leaders at Fujitsu to discuss its journey towards becoming a responsible business, and the importance of reliable data to support it.

CDP reporting - preparing for 2020

With a guest speaker from CDP, Emily Pepper, this webinar will discuss CDP reporting for 2020, how to prepare and some tips on how to improve on last years' response.

CDP & TCFD reporting: disclosing climate change risks & opportunities

In this webinar, Greenstone and CDP put the spotlight on disclosing climate change risks and opportunities and discuss the alignment between frameworks and how organisations are using software to manage this disclosure.

How to prepare for CDP reporting in 2021

This webinar will covers The CDP reporting timeline and what’s changed in 2021. Also, the future of CDP reporting, best practice for preparing your data, tips on how to improve your previous years’ response and leveraging software to streamline your CDP reporting. Finally, we discuss linking your CDP data with other sustainability reporting frameworks