15 Aug 23

Greenstone publishes Sustainable Procurement Guide

updated Sustainable Procurement guide-blogGreenstone has published ‘Sustainable Procurement – a guide to implementing sustainable purchasing practices’. This guide aims to help procurement and sustainability professionals understand what sustainable procurement is, how their organisation is performing in this area and how they can begin to integrate sustainability into their procurement function.

A Guide to implementing sustainable purchasing practices 

We have seen the sustainability reporting landscape change immeasurably. This includes a shift from carbon emissions reporting to a more holistic approach to sustainability and the increasing requirement for businesses to create more sustainable supply chains.

Organisations are now operating in a world where their responsibility is expected to extend beyond the challenges of their own operations, and into far-reaching global supply chains. The result is a heightened risk, both financial and reputational, that can only be addressed through a transparent, inclusive and ultimately sustainable approach to the entire procurement process.

As sustainable procurement continues to evolve, we believe it is important to regularly update our materials to ensure they remain relevant and useful. This revised version aims to reflect the latest updates and best practices in sustainable procurement.

This updated guide includes:

  • An introduction to sustainability and procurement
  • Drivers for adopting more sustainable procurement practices
  • The sustainable procurement journey – where are you and where do you want to be?
  • Addressing Scope 3 emissions in sustainable procurement
  • Practical steps for making progress towards more sustainable procurement
  • What to consider when purchasing supply chain sustainability software


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Greenstone’s Supply Chain software

Greenstone provides software and services that enable sustainable procurement and responsible supply chains.

Greenstone’s SupplierPortal supply chain sustainability software solution enables the collection, management and analysis of supplier data (including carbon emissions calculation). It consolidates supplier networks in one secure and easy to use platform and provides companies with a comprehensive supplier management solution that can be highly tailored to suit requirements.