Enabling responsible investing.

A purpose-built, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that enables the collection, management and analysis of customisable ESG data. An ESG portal linking you, your investments and your investors.

Are you looking to incorporate ESG data into your investment decisions, but struggle with:

  • Knowing which ESG framework or metrics to use
  • Building a sustainable and long-term ESG strategy
  • Incomparable and inconsistent ESG data
  • Costly ESG ratings and indices
  • Risk, errors and time associated with using spreadsheets


The InvestorPortal Solution

  • Framework agnostic
  • Fully mapped ESG content library
  • Bespoke and standardised ESG questionnaires
  • Purpose-built SaaS solution by award-winning ESG experts
  • Multi-user accessibility with permission-based executive dashboards
  • Holistic ESG approach based on direct corporate access and complete clarity
  • Data exports
  • ESG scorecards
  • Risk flagging


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Through this solution, you can:

  • Distribute questionnaires depending on ESG framework requirements and materiality assessments
  • Gather and analyse relevant ESG KPIs at investment and fund level
  • Calculate and track GHG emissions at investment and fund levels
  • Monitor and display GHG emissions exposure across changing investment portfolios
  • Score investment performance against ESG criteria
  • Maintain up to date disclosure documentation
  • Maintain best practice content on an ongoing basis
  • Inform investment decisions through enhanced ESG analytics
Greenstone InvestorPortal

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