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Greenstone’s investor ESG reporting software, InvestorPortal, is a purpose-built, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that enables the collection, management and analysis of customisable ESG data. An ESG portal linking you, your investments and your investors.

InvestorPortal enables you to:

  • Manage funds and portfolio companies seamlessly
  • Align your metrics with any frameworks or guidelines
  • Track ESG performance and trends at portfolio, fund and company level
  • Identify areas of improvement and set projects with goals
  • Ensure consistency, transparency and accountability
  • Save time and resource associated with spreadsheets and manual processes
  • Keep up with ESG reporting requirements effortlessly


Below are some examples of how Greenstone’s investor ESG reporting software, InvestorPortal, is used:  

ESG data collection

ESG data collection

Import your fund and portfolio information and quickly start collecting whatever ESG data you require with complete control over all aspects of metrics, reporting, scoring and engagement.

Tracking GHG emissions

Tracking GHG emissions

Our easy-to-use GHG emissions wizard enables the calculation and tracking of location-based, portfolio company carbon footprints. Without any expertise, you can assess emissions by type and by scope (Scopes 1,2, & 3) across the value chain.



Export any data for internal analysis or filter results using the provided dashboards and analysis tools. Customise outputs by portfolio, fund, status, sector, geography and company. Use the questionnaire query feature to access aggregated responses and identify anomalies and opportunities.

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement

This investor ESG software is an easy to use, centralised system, and permissions-based access allows you to determine what sections colleagues (as well as external teams and investors) can access and also what they can see or do.

Defining ESG projects

Defining ESG projects

Use insights, ratings and benchmark variance to identify areas of risk and ESG underperformance, set ESG projects that define paths to improvement, and work closely with portfolio companies to monitor progress and make changes.

Questionnaire Distribution

Questionnaire distribution

Build and edit unlimited questionnaires and distribute them to any or all of your portfolio companies. Questions can be selected from an ESG question library (including questions from partner frameworks such as SASB, GRI & CDP) or created from scratch with mapping and alignment provided (e.g. TCFD, SDGs, PRI, etc).


Due Diligence

Filter and screen unsuitable potential investments by distributing questionnaires to companies at pre-investment stage. Use flags and alerts to be informed of potential risk areas or hazards. Save time and money on due diligence processes.


  • SaaS platform – secure, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution accessed on any browser, from anywhere, and by an unlimited number of users
  • Flexibility - use a combination of customised and best practice content to create portfolio company questionnaires that are relevant to your organisation and your investments
  • Data management – centralised data collection and the ability to manage all ESG performance data in one place
  • Project Management - customisable analysis tools with dynamic performance dashboards enable you to visualise and analyse data, your way
  • Customisation – create your own custom metrics and questions to gather and score company ESG data from across your portfolio
  • Engagement – two-way communication builds stronger relationships, improves ESG performance through corrective actions and reduces investment risk
  • Unlimited access - unlimited users, user groups and profiles
  • Permission-based access - enables you to determine what sections users can access and what they can see or do
  • Integration – integrates with third-party and internal systems via APIs or SFTP to import data and output data for third-party BI tools
  • Best-in-class technical architecture – built on Microsoft.NET platform, hosted with Armor Defense and SOC2 accredited


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At Greenstone, our brand promise to our clients is ‘data that talks to you’ and we make it central to everything we do – both in the way we develop our software and the way we support our clients:

  • We invest in our software to guarantee usability, relevance and quality to ensure that our clients get the information and insights they need from their data.
  • We engage with our client community to develop and innovate our software and services in line with their evolving requirements. 
  • We provide uncapped support from our dedicated team of experts, to ensure our clients have access to technical support and best practice advice.

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