7 Sep 17

Defra 2017 conversion factors: what’s changed?

It’s that time of year again when Defra releases new UK Government conversion factors for company GHG reporting. We’ve looked into what’s new and have listed below the most notable changes in this year’s release.

Updates generally consist of modifications to existing methodologies, although this year also includes the addition of entirely new factors to account for overnight hotel stays, and to meet the rising use of electric vehicles.

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24 Jun 15

Defra 2015 Conversion Factors: what’s changed?

Defra 2015 is here! UK Government Conversion Factors for company reporting are updated annually and this year is no different. The updates are mainly limited to the revision and modification of existing emission factors.

What’s new?

We have examined what’s new and have listed below some of the most notable changes in this year’s updates that may have an impact on your organisation;

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