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The spotlight on responsible investment and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting has rapidly increased over the last couple of years. Integrating ESG performance into investment decisions and portfolio management strategies is becoming increasingly intrinsic. Investors are incorporating ESG performance and engagement into their long-term investment decisions and portfolio management strategies.

However, this trend in responsible investment and ESG reporting is presenting investors with many challenges when it comes to gathering, maintaining and analysing ESG data. Gaining access to accurate, credible and consistent ESG data and supporting information is difficult. Learn more about why investors are seeking ESG software to manage portfolio data.

Greenstone enables ESG reporting across funds and portfolio companies with its ESG investor software and support services. Greenstone’s enterprise-level Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution enables:

  • Customisable ESG data collection, management and analysis
  • Access to accurate and up-to-date ESG data
  • KPI and metrics analysis
  • Questionnaire distribution
  • Document management
  • ESG scoring (standard and bespoke)
  • Access to a mapped ESG question library
  • Data exports and flexible reporting
  • Calculation and tracking of GHG emissions
  • Scope 3 reporting
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Due diligence

The InvestorPortal solution

This is our purpose-built, SaaS solution that enables the collection, management and analysis of customisable ESG data. An ESG portal, linking you, your investments and your investors. 

This ESG investor software will enable you to aggregate consistent, comparable and accurate ESG performance data from across your funds and portfolios. It will help you to build a sustainable, long-term ESG strategy for your business, identify which ESG framework or metrics to use and save you valuable time and resources usually lost through the use of spreadsheets.

If you’d like to learn more about our ESG investor software, arrange a 30-minute software demo here. Our team of industry experts here at Greenstone cover a wide range of knowledge and experience and would be delighted to discuss how you can improve the ESG performance of your portfolio.

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Investor ESG software

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