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Enabling responsible supply chains

SupplierPortal is a sustainable supply chain software solution providing your business with transparency and compliance across your entire supplier network.

SupplierPortal enables you to:

  • Align supplier management practices with sustainability goals
  • Consolidate supplier engagement into one platform
  • Identify and manage supply chain risk
  • Calculate scope 3 GHG emissions
  • Run a robust supplier due diligence process using key sustainability and wider business metrics
  • Measure and improve supplier performance in areas important to your business


Below are some examples of how Greenstone’s supply chain management software solution is used: 


Sustainable procurement

Use bespoke and standard assessment questionnaires to align your purchasing practices with your sustainability goals. Ensuring suppliers improve performance against key metrics means your procurement is driving positive change.

Supplier risk management

Supplier risk management

This sustainable supply chain software has customisable risk flags to automatically identify risks, with suppliers engaged at scale utilising automated action plans and two way communication to resolve risks.


Scope 3 GHG emissions

Calculate supplier GHG emissions and capture calculated emissions. View supplier’s emission trends over time and your allocated scope 3 emissions by scope and emission source through designated emissions dashboards.

Supplier codes of conducts

Supplier Codes of Conduct

Distribute your Code of Conduct to all suppliers, use the analysis tools to track compliance with individual clauses, and capture evidence documentation if required.


Supplier audits

Bespoke automated audits provide a simple method for internal or external supplier assessment. Third party audit programmes can be integrated to ensure all audit reports are stored in one place.


Information security assessments

Embed bespoke infosec questionnaires and distribute the relevant assessments to suppliers in a targeted way. Use compliance dashboards and audit tools to support audit and certification programmes e.g. ISO 27001. 

Supplier ethical assessments-1

Supplier ethical assessments

Use bespoke or standard assessments to ensure that suppliers meet the ethical standards expected by you and your clients. Fully customisable scoring and risk flagging ensures suppliers can be assessed automatically and at scale.

Comply with legislation-1

Comply with legislation

Create bespoke assessment questionnaires that align with your legislative requirements and capture relevant supplier policies, disclosures and certifications e.g. conflict minerals


  • SaaS platform - cloud-based sustainable supply chain solution accessed on any browser, from anywhere, and by an unlimited number of users
  • Flexibility - deploy SupplierPortal across multiple business areas and project teams, with users and data segregated accordingly
  • Customisation – use a combination of customised and best practice content to create supplier assessments that are relevant to your business and suppliers
  • Data management – streamlined data collection ensures the consolidation of supplier information into one management platform
  • GHG emissions – built in carbon calculation to assist suppliers with their GHG reporting and clients with their scope 3 emissions measurement and targets
  • Analysis – customisable analysis tools and performance dashboards enabling you to visualise and analyse data, your way
  • Collaboration – two-way communication builds stronger supplier relationships, improves supplier performance through corrective actions and reduces supplier risk
  • Integration – integrate with other third-party and internal systems to import or share data with other business areas
  • Unlimited access - unlimited users, user groups and profiles
  • Best-in-class technical architecture – built on Microsoft.NET platform, hosted with Armor Defense and SOC2 accredited


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At Greenstone, our brand promise to our clients is ‘data that talks to you’ and we make it central to everything we do – both in the way we develop our software and the way we support our clients:

  • We invest in our software to guarantee usability, relevance and quality to ensure that our clients get the information and insights they need from their data.
  • We engage with our client community to develop and innovate our software and services in line with their evolving requirements. 
  • We provide uncapped support from our dedicated team of experts, to ensure our clients have access to technical support and best practice advice.

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