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Greenstone’s Environment module, part of Greenstone’s Enterprise sustainability and environmental reporting software solution, enables businesses to measure, understand and communicate their global environmental performance and impact.

The Environment module enables you to:

  • Report on environmental performance and GHG emissions
  • Provide transparency to consumers, investors and other stakeholders
  • Reduce impacts on the environment
  • Achieve sustainability goals
  • Meet requirements of global reporting frameworks e.g. CDP, GRI Standards, SASB
  • Track and monitor performance against targets
  • Save cost through a reduced administrative burden compared to an offline / Excel based processes


  Below are some examples of how Greenstone’s environmental reporting software module is used: 

Data collection

Data Collection

Collect data using multiple data capture options, from a wide range of sources, including energy, transport, waste, water and fugitive gases.


GHG emissions calculation

Automatically calculate carbon emissions using 1m+ emissions factors from international standards including GHG Protocol, Defra, US EPA and IEA.

Scope 1, 2 & 3 analysis-1-s

Scope 1, 2 & 3 GHG analysis

Environmental reporting software with full scope coverage capability, including value chain and supply chain.



Flexible reporting to suit different stakeholders, a wide range of reports available in a comprehensive report template library.

Target tracking

Target tracking

Science-based targets, net-zero targets and consumption and emissions targets can be tracked and monitored over time using Greenstone’s targets dashboards.

Data assurance and validation

Data assurance and validation

Define data thresholds, alerts and approvals so that an audit-ready data set is available for third-party verification.

Initiative savings

Initiative savings

Track and manage consumption or GHG emissions savings from initiatives and projects across your operations. Track estimated and actual savings through monitoring and verification stages (aligned with CDP).

Risks and opportunities

Risks and opportunities

Create, manage and report risks and opportunities associated with climate change. Management Information can be added to record approaches to governance and strategy. Content on risks and opportunities reporting aligns with CDP and TCFD.


  • SaaS platform - cloud-based solution accessed from anywhere, and by an unlimited number of users
  • Data management – flexible data entry including integrations, spreadsheet upload and simple online data entry
  • Flexibility - flexible data analysis structures with unlimited reporting entities and data sources
  • Unlimited access - unlimited users, user groups and profiles
  • Easy-to-use interface – intuitive user workflow, guidance text and a built-in Support Hub
  • Analysis - customisable analysis tools and dynamic and exportable performance dashboards enabling you to visualise and analyse data, your way
  • Integration – integrates with third-party and internal systems via APIs or SFTP to import data and output data for third-party BI tools
  • Performance – track and monitor consumption and performance against goals, initiatives and targets
  • Audit – full data audit recording and transparency on GHG calculations and environmental data
  • Data validation tools – variance trackers, data approval and threshold alerts
  • Certified content – includes certified content from CDP, GRI Standards and SASB to help streamline reporting
  • Best-in-class technical architecture – built on Microsoft.NET platform, hosted with Armor Defense and SOC2 accredited


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At Greenstone, our brand promise to our clients is ‘data that talks to you’ and we make it central to everything we do – both in the way we develop our software and the way we support our clients:

  • We invest in our software to guarantee usability, relevance and quality to ensure that our clients get the information and insights they need from their data.
  • We engage with our client community to develop and innovate our software and services in line with their evolving requirements. 
  • We provide uncapped support from our dedicated team of experts, to ensure our clients have access to technical support and best practice advice.

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