24 Jan 17

Webinar: challenges and trends in Health & Safety reporting

Although workplace health and safety has long been a key consideration for both employers and employees, a recent and growing trend has seen this aspect of corporate activity placed, with greater importance, within the movement of sustainability. This has led to new challenges for health and safety managers who are increasingly needing to incorporate their own data collection and management with other non-financial reporting processes.

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1 Jun 16

Greenstone adds H&S incident reporting to its non-financial reporting software

The newest release of Greenstone’s Enterprise software includes a Health and Safety Incident Reporting functionality. Aligned with RIDDOR (UK) and OSHA (US) reporting requirements, Greenstone’s clients can now record all health and safety-related occupational incidents such as an accident, disease or dangerous occurrence.

A new addition to the current Health & Safety module, this enhanced functionality will enable organisations to adhere to current legislation and legal frameworks whilst providing greater flexibility of data management and reporting.

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10 Feb 14

Why is H&S management so important for companies and how can centralised reporting help?

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) UK, every working day in the UK at least one person is killed and over 6,000 are injured at work. These Health & Safety (H&S) risks, that can be even higher outside the UK, affect all organisations. 

There are many reasons for companies to pay close attention to H&S. First, there is a social imperative that all employees should be able to work in a safe environment and companies must also comply with regulations. In addition, good H&S management can reduce business risks and costs as well as improving your brand.

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