5 May 21

4 key steps to starting your scope 3 emissions reporting journey

Measuring and reporting scope 3 GHG emissions accurately is a key topic for most businesses and one that’s becoming increasingly important as more organisations commit to ambitious emissions reduction targets such as Science Based Targets or Net Zero Targets.


As part of its scope 3 reporting series, Greenstone held a webinar on 22 April, covering the increased reporting of scope 3 emissions as well as the challenges that your business might come across during the process of measuring and reporting. In this blog, we cover some of the challenges that companies face when reporting scope 3 emissions, 4 key steps on where to start and some top tips to help companies prepare.

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29 Mar 21

Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions explained

As more and more organisations set ambitious reduction targets, it is becoming increasingly essential that they are able to measure and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with their value chain.

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25 Mar 21

How to measure and report scope 3 GHG emissions accurately - webinar

Greenstone is holding a webinar on 'How to measure and report scope 3 GHG emissions accurately' on Thursday 22 April at 4pm GMT.

As more and more organisations set ambitious science-based and net-zero reduction targets, it is becoming increasingly essential that they are able to measure and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with their value chain (scope 3 emissions).

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3 Feb 21

Blackrock’s 2021 letter to CEOs and what is means for ESG reporting

Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, an American multinational investment management corporationhas released his annual letter to CEOs.


The events of 2020 and the need for companies to transition to a net-zero economy, shaped this year’s letter. The past months have been challenging in so many ways. Nonetheless, there are signs of promise, including businesses that have moved forcefully to face climate risk.

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10 Dec 20

CDP reporting 2020 scores released

This week CDP released scores for its 2020 Climate Change disclosures. A record-breaking 9,600+ companies disclosed through CDP in 2020, a 70% increase since the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015 and 14% up on last year.

Greenstone would like to congratulate its clients and partners who have worked hard to improve or maintain their score from last year, and those who were included on the prestigious CDP ‘A List’.

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7 Dec 20

Reporting the impact of COVID-19 in your climate change disclosures

The global COVID-19 pandemic is set to cause the largest ever annual fall in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions due to the dramatic change in the way we all have lived and worked over the past year. However, the fluctuation in climate data has been a huge challenge for those responsible for their organisation’s sustainability reporting.

Greenstone recently presented at the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)’s Virtual Summit on how to report the impacts of COVID-19 in climate change disclosures. In this blog, Greenstone reflects on the impact that COVID-19 has had so far on climate change disclosures, some of the key challenges that companies are facing, and some solutions that we are seeing from our work at Greenstone, and the industry generally. 

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1 Dec 20

Greenstone’s 2030 science-based target approved by SBTi

Greenstone’s 2030 science-based emissions reduction target has been approved, as consistent with levels required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

The SBTi is a collaboration between CDP, the United Nations Global Compact, World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The SBTi defines and promotes best practice in science-based target setting and independently assesses companies’ targets. Greenstone has formally joined the movement and set a target to reduce its absolute scope 1 and scope 2 GHG emissions by 50% by 2030, and to measure and reduce its scope 3 emissions.

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26 Oct 20

Science-based targets and net-zero commitments - FAQs

Climate Week NYC 2020 was held last month and this year’s edition was certainly one to remember. Not only was it held entirely online, but the week of events included ambitious commitments from some of the biggest names. Most notably, the University of Cambridge announced a net zero target by 2038, Facebook committed to a net-zero target by 2030 and Walmart, the world’s largest company, outlined plans to be 100% carbon neutral by 2040 (without using carbon offsets).

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9 Oct 20

Becoming a responsible business – interview with Fujitsu

In this interview, recently published on CDP's blog, Greenstone talks to two leaders at Fujitsu to discuss its journey towards becoming a responsible business, and the importance of reliable data to support it. 

In 2019, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its special report into the global impact of temperatures rising at 1.5°C degrees above pre-industrial levels. As a result, the business sector and corporate leaders face mounting pressure to address their impact on the climate and demonstrate how they are taking action to their stakeholders, consumers, employees and investors.

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15 Sep 20

SBTi paper on global standard for science-based net-zero targets

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has today issued its initial guidance on the first science-based global standard for corporate net-zero target setting. This paper is the first step to setting a global standard, which will help to ensure that corporate net-zero carbon targets are aligned with climate science.

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