17 Nov 15

Greenstone selected to hold masterclass at GRI’s Global Conference

GRI2016_Logo_Blue_Large.pngGreenstone has been selected by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to deliver a 3-hour interactive masterclass at its Global Conference in May 2016. In addition to the three day conference program, GRI offers these add-on masterclasses designed to give participants focused learning to empower sustainable decision making.

Earlier this year, Greenstone submitted a proposal for a masterclass titled ‘How to breathe life into your sustainability data’. GRI selected this masterclass out of 48 proposals from over 30 organisations as one of the 14 masterclasses it wished to offer participants as part of the conference.

Greenstone’s masterclass will aim to address why it is important for reporting organisations to move beyond the sustainability report itself to ensure that decision makers have access to the high quality and reliable data they are increasingly demanding. It will discuss the state of global sustainability data, and what organisations can do to move beyond the sustainability report to ensure quality and reliability of data which is meaningful to different audiences.

For more information on GRI’s 5th Annual Global Conference, the masterclasses and how to register please visit GRI's website. 

Greenstone is a GRI Organisational Stakeholder and its software is certified under GRI's Certified Software and Tools Programme. 

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