16 Nov 15

SustainIt and Greenstone to hold joint webinar on Scope 2 Guidance

carbon reporting

Understanding how to effectively report on CO₂ emissions is a continual challenge, and sometimes just making sure you’re using the right standard correctly can be a real nightmare.


The great news is that the new WRI guidance on Scope 2 emissions provides a clear methodology that not only allows you to effectively report on CO₂ emissions from Scope 2 sources such as electricity but also allows a much greater level of granularity than before.

Most importantly, it allows you to highlight the work being done to reduce emissions through sourcing renewable energy and through onsite generation.

In this joint webinar, SustainIt and Greenstone will:

  • Walk you through the reasons for the new guidance

  • Highlight what has changed

  • Explain how you will need to adapt your CO₂ calculations to make sure you’re ready to switch to the new methodology

  • Provide practical examples of how companies are adapting their reporting to meet the new standards using software

  • Prepare you for externally reporting your Scope 2 emissions (e.g. CDP, annual reports)


Tuesday, 1 December 2015 from 15:00 to 16:00 (GMT)

For any questions regarding this webinar, please email g.danielis@sustainitsolutions.com


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Through its software and supporting services, Greenstone enables its clients to accurately measure and report GHG emissions across their organisation. With an accurate GHG emissions footprint, organisations can set reduction targets and closely monitor GHG emissions over time.