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CDP scores for 2022 - a summary

CDPscores-2022-summaryIn mid-December, CDP released the 2022 scores for its Climate Change, Forests and Water Security disclosures. CDP is a leading carbon disclosure framework encouraging companies to disclose information regarding a multitude of factors across the sustainability sphere including emissions reduction and targets, risks and opportunities, and supply chain sustainability. In 2022, nearly 15,000 companies, with a collective worth of over US$11 trillion, submitted a response to CDP.

It is clear that in 2022 there was a growing demand for environmental disclosure; investors with over $130 trillion in assets requested thousands of companies to respond. Companies disclosing in 2022 have a combined worth of over half of global market capitalisation, illustrating the prominence and importance of carbon disclosure in the present day. With rapidly increasing legislation and awareness of climate change and carbon management, this number will only continue to rise.

Three hundred and thirty of the responding companies received a prestigious A grade. Greenstone is proud that some of its clients have been included on the “A List”; Fujitsu and Sopra Steria have been a part of this esteemed list since 2017 and 2016 respectively. A large number have also secured a B grade showing they are well on their way to becoming truly sustainable. CDP is a huge undertaking, Greenstone would like to congratulate all of its clients that successfully submitted to CDP in 2022.

The CDP A List

The CDP A List showcases the companies leading the way in all aspects of environmental transparency; they are at the top of the game in carbon disclosure, awareness, management and leadership. The number of companies being awarded an A grade has increased year on year by 35% from 2020 to 2021 and 34% from 2021 to 2022; progress is being made.

283 companies made the 2022 Climate Change A List

25 companies made the 2022 Forests A List

103 companies made the 2022 Water Security A List

76% of companies on the Climate Change A List have an approved science-based emissions target (compared to 19% of A- to B- scoring companies, and 2% of C to D- scoring companies) and 95% of A List companies have a climate transition plan aligning to a 1.5oC world.

Room for improvement

Only 2% of companies that submitted made the A List. Almost 30,000 companies did not submit a CDP response even though they were requested to; which equates to a net worth of US$24.5 trillion. 66% of companies scoring D to A- have remained at the same grade since 2022, this stagnation will not lead to a climate transition in line with that of COP27. Finally, 59% of companies scored between D- and C meaning their journey to corporate sustainability is only just beginning. Urgent progress needs to be made towards a net zero world in order to keep global temperature increase below the crucial 2oC.

Greenstone’s CDP reporting software

Greenstone is a Gold Accredited CDP software partner. Greenstone’s global sustainability management software has been designed to meet the requirements of CDP reporting and has a suite of dedicated tools to streamline the process. This includes GHG Protocol aligned data collection covering Scope 1, 2 & 3, climate change risks and opportunities, and an initiatives savings functionality for analysing savings against targets.

Using Greenstone’s software companies can:

  • Define bespoke question sets from a range of reporting frameworks, including CDP, SASB, GRI and SDGs
  • Collect data and supporting information across a diverse organization
  • Consolidate data into internal and external reporting templates

As well as software, Greenstone provides its clients with support services to help them improve their reporting and achieve their broader sustainability goals. With in-depth knowledge of the CDP reporting system, our team of industry experts work closely with our clients through the whole process to ensure they submit a robust, clear and complete CDP response.

As a Gold CDP accredited software partner, Greenstone provides software and services to help its clients improve their CDP response. With in-depth knowledge of the CDP reporting framework, our team works closely with our clients through the whole process to ensure they submit a robust, clear and complete CDP response.

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