4 Jan 23

How to measure GHG emissions and manage ESG data across your portfolio

blog-ghgESG-webinar.jpgGreenstone is holding a webinar on 'How to measure GHG emissions and manage ESG data across your portfolio' on Thursday 26th January
11am New York / 4pm London.

Reporting the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with a portfolio company is a key KPI for investors to communicate their impact on the environment to stakeholders. The measurement, and reduction of emissions across a portfolio is also becoming increasingly important when it comes to carbon reduction strategies such as Science-based or Net Zero targets. 

However, collecting and managing accurate and reliable data remains a significant challenge for most private equity firms. As demand for primary data increases, investors are under pressure to demonstrate robust ESG data collection processes but are still challenged with inconsistencies and patchy data. 

Greenstone is presenting a 30-minute webinar for private equity firms to help them navigate their ESG journey. The focus of this webinar will be where to start when measuring GHG emissions, and broader ESG performance data, across a portfolio. 

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Join this webinar which will cover: 

  • ESG and GHG data in private equity - why it matters
  • The importance of obtaining primary data from portfolio companies
  • Where to start with calculating bottom-up portfolio GHG emissions
  • How to educate, engage and enable portfolio companies in GHG measurement
  • How GHG emissions data from portfolio companies can be used to underpin target-setting
  • Case study reflections on lessons learned and opportunities for improved data accuracy



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David Wynn, Chief Product Officer, Greenstone

Greenstone provides award-winning software solutions and services enabling companies to advance their sustainability strategies and become responsible businesses. As Chief Product Officer, David is responsible for overseeing Greenstone’s software product direction and strategy.

His role is to ensure that product developments align with client needs and the latest in GHG accounting and ESG reporting. Based in New York, David also leads the North America Client Service Team. David has been with Greenstone for over 10 years and has 15 years’ experience in sustainability consultancy helping public and private sector organizations transform their ESG journeys.