15 Apr 19

Webinar: How to begin your sustainable procurement journey

Laptop-icon-sThis webinar has now passed. Please visit our Past Webinars page to access the recording. 

Greenstone is holding a 30-minute webinar on 'How to begin your sustainable procurement journey' on Thursday 9 May. 

As supply chains become increasingly global and complex, implementing a sustainable purchasing and procurement process is now vital. 

Organisations are now operating in a world where their responsibility extends beyond the challenges of their own operations, and into far-reaching global supply chains. The result is a heightened risk, both financial and reputational, that can only be addressed through a transparent, inclusive and ultimately sustainable approach to the entire procurement process.

Greenstone, leading provider of software solutions enabling responsible and sustainable supply chains, is holding a free 30-minute webinar on the changing relationship between sustainability and procurement and how to begin your sustainable procurement journey.

Join this webinar which will cover: 

  • What is sustainability and why does it apply to procurement?
  • The sustainable procurement journey for organisations
  • Practical steps to integrating sustainability into procurement
  • How software can enable sustainable procurement and responsible supply chains




Greenstone provides software and services that enable sustainable procurement and responsible supply chains. Greenstone’s SupplierPortal supply chain sustainability software solution provides your business with a single point of transparency across your supplier network, ensuring that compliance, performance, and risk can be managed seamlessly.

Sustainable procurement