14 Feb 17

SupplierPortal expansion - contract management

Paper_Files.jpgGreenstone is updating its SupplierPortal software to make it even easier for clients to manage their suppliers. We have listened to client feedback and seen the increasing need for all-encompassing supplier management processes and software.

The result is the introduction of more ‘Buyer’ (client) functionality, which will ensure that all suppliers and contracts can be managed in one place, and a risk-based approach can be applied to the gathering and analysis of specific supplier information.

New SupplierPortal functionality

  • Upload full supplier list and immediately begin to manage suppliers through SupplierPortal.

  • Upload and manage all contracts and key information in one place:
    • Multiple contracts stored against individual suppliers
    • Monitor overall company performance against key contract clauses
    • Search and manage contracts by multiple criteria, including cost, category and key personnel
    • Automated notifications run against contract termination and notice dates

  • Upload and manage additional supplier information in multiple file formats

Free scoping session

SupplierPortal has proved an effective platform for gathering vital supplier information, enabling organisations to monitor supplier compliance, manage risk, and demonstrate to key stakeholders a robust due diligence process.

We are offering our clients a free scoping session to help them understand their needs to gather supplier data, identify what information is needed and plan the most effective way to engage their suppliers.

To find out more about this opportunity, please email the team at supplierportal@greenstoneplus.com

Download our 2-page brochure to find out how SupplierPortal can improve transparency across your supplier network.


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