14 Jul 15

Using software to manage sustainability information

NHS-LogoThe NHS Sustainability Leads Network sets aside part of each meeting to hear about opportunities for continuous improvement in their service.  At the Network’s June meeting David Wynn, Head of Client Services at Greenstone, was invited to provide an update on sustainability reporting and the use of software.

The ever increasing requirement for more information and detailed analysis continues to put sustainability professionals under pressure and makes it harder for them to effectively balance their time between strategy and reporting. Reporting is of course an essential part of assessing performance but when it comes to managing data offline, organisations are too often drowning in spreadsheets with data that can’t be easily accessed or analysed. Moving sustainability data to an online platform provides an opportunity to remove inefficiencies and the data management headache, enabling you to use the information to focus on identifying opportunities for improvement and change.

Moving to an online software platform also allows a large audience to be engaged with the data in a customised and user-friendly platform and ensures consistency of reporting to manage multiple and evolving requirements. Whether this is reporting internally, externally or to organisations such as the Sustainable Development Unit, housing all your sustainability data in a single place ensures reliability and efficiency.  Even more importantly it frees up your time to focus on and track your strategic issues.

Why Greenstone for the NHS?

The NHS Sustainability Leads Network is part of NPAG (National Performance Advisory Group). Greenstone is working with a number of NHS Trusts, and related institutions, to improve efficiency in data collection and sustainability reporting through the use of its enterprise-level software.

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