13 Jan 16

New version of SupplierPortal provides further flexibility

The latest SupplierPortal release enhances the user experience and provides further flexibility in how SupplierPortal can be used across an organisation.

Why the new version?

The latest release of SupplierPortal, as with all of our software development, is based on listening carefully to our clients’ needs and drawing on our wider experience of the market.

This release has focussed on ensuring that SupplierPortal is even more flexible and relevant to global organisations.

What has been added?

The concept of ‘parent-child’ relationships. This will enable large or dispersed organisations to have separate Buyers (e.g. subsidiaries or global offices) in the system, to which Suppliers publish their information. The parent Buyer will then have visibility across each of these individual (child) Buyers and their Suppliers, as well as the ability to use all of SupplierPortal’s analytical functions.

A user-specific notification centre. In order to meet our clients increasing need for automation, we have upgraded the notification capability of SupplierPortal to include a specific notification centre. Notifications are now managed on a user by user basis, ensuring that you will always be aware of any relevant events and can take any actions accordingly. 

Improved compliance and questionnaire dashboards. The flexibility of the compliance and questionnaire dashboards has been improved, enabling Buyers to monitor compliance across different grouped and labelled Suppliers.

Enhanced data exporting. Increased ability to export data from SupplierPortal means you can work with the data gathered in multiple environments.

Modern Slavery questions. We have added questions to the labour questionnaire to address modern slavery and help organisations to report on all of the issues highlighted in the UK’s recent Modern Slavery Act.

How are organisations using SupplierPortal?

  • Reviewing and validating Supplier responses using the audit function. This can be done by internal or third party auditors, and the reports can be shared with Suppliers to drive improvement.
  • Monitoring Supplier non-compliance through the notifications centre, which alerts Buyers about expired Supplier documents and risk flags triggered.

  • Sharing Supplier’s performance with the Supplier, by simply using the downloadable PDF reports that include any flagged questions responses.

  • Using a combination of flags and scorecards to set thresholds for acceptable Suppliers.

  • Using the query function to provide data for public annual reporting against organisation wide KPIs and targets e.g. percentages of suppliers holding various accreditations and certifications.
  • Creating proprietary questionnaires and scorecards that can be applied to individual or groups of Suppliers.

  • Managing overall and group supplier compliance through the flexible compliance and questionnaire dashboards.



(Figure 1. Audit functionality enables internal and third party validation of supplier information)

If you would like further information on how to make SupplierPortal work for you, please contact the SupplierPortal team at supplierportal@greenstoneplus.com, or join on of our weekly webinars.

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