26 Jan 16

Legal Sustainability Alliance (LSA) carbon reporting - what's new for 2016?

LSA_logo_lge.pngThe following article, written by Greenstone's Marian Moynihan, was recently published on the LSA website. 

It’s that time of the year again when the LSA (Legal Sustainability Alliance) opens it reporting window to LSA members to report on their carbon emissions for 2015.

With the help of the LSA reporting tool managed by Greenstone members can measure their carbon footprint and assess their progress against the LSA principles. Reporting organisations receive an individual report on their carbon emissions and the LSA also produces an annual report where results are aggregated across the whole LSA membership.  

So what’s new for 2016?

  • The LSA Reporting Tool is updated annually to include relevant emission factors and changes to reporting as recommended by Defra. The tool will use Defra 2015 emission factors throughout.
  • On the recommendation of Defra 2015 there will be an additional category for air travel – international travel. International travel will be for any air travel that does not begin or end in the UK and will have dedicated emission factors.

There are also some changes to the Paper Consumption category to make it easier on respondents when they are reporting their paper consumption data.

  • Additional dropdowns will be added for waste “Paper Purchased” to accommodate the inputting of paper data in not only reams but also in tonnes, rolls, kg and m2. This option will make it easier for respondents to input paper in a metric that is relevant to them.
  • Wide paper format will be reported on by size of the roll (width x length). As the size of wide paper used varies greatly from organisation to organisation this change will allow for all wide paper sizes to be reported on.
  • Consumption by number of impressions will also have a dropdown added to allow for impressions to be reported on by paper size.

In accordance with the new Scope 2 GHG Protocol reporting guidance, LSA members will now also be able to report their Scope 2 emissions using market based emissions factors. This means that firms that are taking measures to procure low-carbon electricity will be able to report the actual emissions associated with the energy supply as part of their LSA carbon footprint in accordance with best practice.

Window opens 31st Jan

The portal opens on 31st January and respondents will have two months to complete their data, until 31st March. Greenstone along with Achill Management will be holding training webinars on Tuesday 9nd Feb at 3:00pm and Thursday 11th Feb at 11:00am. Contact the LSA if you would like to register for one of these webinars or like to know more.

To view the original article, please visit the LSA website. 


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