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How to report the impacts of COVID-19 - Greenstone at GRI Summit

GRI Virtual Summit 2020Greenstone will be speaking at the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)'s Virtual Summit 2020 next week on how to report the impacts of COVID-19 in climate change disclosures. The virtual summit, held on Tuesday 3  November at 9am GMT gathers sustainability professionals for a half-day online conference covering key topics and recent developments in the sustainability reporting space.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a number of challenges for companies when it comes to reporting climate change disclosures. Factors such as an increase in employees working from home, offices sitting empty and a decrease in business travel have led to changes in emissions, fluctuation in data sets, and a shift in what is considered to be material. It has led to confusion and ambiguity on the best approach to take when reporting emissions and climate change disclosures during time periods affected by the pandemic.

In this session, Greenstone’s Head of Client Services will cover three of the biggest challenges that companies are facing when reporting on climate change during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jake will then present solutions to these key challenges by highlighting how some companies are already responding.

This online event has an impressive line-up of speakers from both GRI and reporting companies. The agenda consists of short sessions providing insights into the rapidly evolving space of sustainability and ESG disclosures. For more information and to register, please visit this link


GRI Reporting with Greenstone

Greenstone provides award-winning sustainability software with automated, accurate and auditable reporting along with supporting services from a team of industry experts. Greenstone’s Frameworks module has been designed to meet the requirements of GRI’s sustainability reporting framework and enables companies to collect the required data needed to compile and produce a GRI report.

Greenstone has used the GRI Standards linkage documents to map the content of the GRI Standards with the other frameworks available in the software including the SDGs.

Using Greenstone’s software, companies can:

  • Define bespoke question sets from a range of reporting frameworks, including GRI, CDP, TCFD, SASB, ISO 26000 and the SDGs, based on the relevance and materiality to their organisation.
  • Collect data and supporting information across a diverse organisation.
  • Consolidate data into internal and external reporting templates.


GRI certified software content

Greenstone’s sustainability reporting software has been certified by GRI’s Certified Software and Tools Program which guarantees that software and digital tools are using GRI content accurately, enabling robust and transparent reporting and making sustainability reports better, more accessible and easier to produce.


Greenstone frameworks module - demo

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