23 Nov 20

Greenstone launches SASB licensed content in ESG software solutions

SASB insideGreenstone has recently integrated the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Standards into its award-winning sustainability and ESG software solutions. In partnership with SASB, Greenstone now licenses the SASB metrics, topics and technical protocols to enable its clients to use the SASB framework when reporting on their ESG impacts and risks.

The SASB Standards enable businesses around the world to identify, manage and communicate financially material sustainability information to their investors. SASB has developed a set of 77 industry standards, which provide globally applicable industry-specific topics and their associated metrics for the typical company in an industry. SASB has also developed the Materiality Map® an interactive tool that identifies and compares disclosure topics across different industries and sectors.

This licensing agreement further strengthens Greenstone’s position as a global leader in ESG reporting software. As a Gold CDP Accredited Solution Provider and a certified provider under the GRI Certified Software & Tools Programme, this SASB Materiality Map® and full standards license adds a third formal linkage and content programme to Greenstone’s industry accreditations.

Through its award-winning Frameworks module, part of Greenstone’s sustainability software solution, clients are able to streamline data collection to meet the reporting requirements of multiple global reporting frameworks. These include SASB, the GRI Standards, CDP, UNGC, TCFD, the SDGs and many leading financial exchange-reporting schemes around the world.

In response to the increase in responsible investing and the tracking of ESG metrics, Greenstone recently launched its InvestorPortal solution to enable responsible and sustainable investing for private capital investors. InvestorPortal has received an exceptional amount of traction since its launch, particularly in North America, and the addition of SASB topics and metrics will further align the solution with Greenstone’s North American clients’ needs.

Matthew de Villiers, CEO at Greenstone comments, “this SASB licensing agreement is timely with the successful launch of Greenstone’s North American business earlier this year. With an increasing number of new clients headquartered in North America, Greenstone is committed to ensuring that we constantly innovate and adapt our solutions to address our clients’ specific market requirements.”

“We are glad to welcome Greenstone as a SASB licensee. By integrating the SASB Standards, Greenstone can support clients to make it even easier to collect, manage, and disclose information about the industry-specific ESG topics most likely to impact financial performance,” says Nicolai Lundy, SASB’s Director of Partnerships & Market Outreach.


About Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB):

SASB connects businesses and investors on the financial impacts of sustainability. SASB Standards enable businesses around the world to identify, manage, and communicate financially material sustainability information to investors.

SASB Standards are industry-specific and are designed to be decision-useful for investors and cost-effective for companies. They are developed using a process that is evidence-based and market-informed. To download any of the 77 industry-specific standards, or learn more about SASB, please visit SASB.org.

Visit our Frameworks & Standards content library aiming to keep you informed with the latest industry updates and learn more about the available sustainability and ESG frameworks and standards to support your company's reporting.

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