18 Apr 18

Greenstone to present at North America GRI reporting roundtable events

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Greenstone is pleased to announce that it will be sponsoring and presenting at a series of roundtable events delivered by GRI in North America. These events are part of a global series of local events, aimed at enhancing sustainability reporting and disclosure by gathering reporting professionals to explore reporting in practice.

The roundtables are designed to help organisations consider how the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards contribute to internal value creation and external transparency and accountability. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss different areas of sustainability reporting with both GRI and peers.

As part of the one-day program, Greenstone will be running a session on sustainability framework mapping. This session will help organisations that report against multiple sustainability or CSR frameworks by exploring ways in which you can streamline data collection and reporting to make it easier and more efficient.

Greenstone and GRI

Greenstone’s non-financial reporting software was one of the first software tools to complete the certification for the implementation of the new GRI Standards content. It has been certified by GRI’s Certified Software and Tools Program which guarantees that software and digital tools are using GRI content accurately, enabling robust and transparent reporting and making sustainability reports better, more accessible and easier to produce.

Greenstone is also a GRI GOLD Community member and it supports GRI’s mission to develop globally accepted sustainability reporting guidelines through a global multi-stakeholder process.


GRI GOLD Roundtable Program – North America

Spring session
Date: 30 May 2018
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Host: Northern Trust

Fall session
Date: 4 October 2018
Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Host: Johnson & Johnson

These GRI GOLD Roundtables are being delivered globally, in various locations. For full details and to register interest, please view the GRI website.  


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