23 Apr 18

Greenstone adds CSR reporting frameworks mapping functionality to its non-financial reporting software

CSR_frameworks_webGreenstone has launched a new CSR framework mapping functionality enabling organisations to consolidate reporting frameworks to minimise risk and increase efficiency when reporting against multiple frameworks.

The sustainability and CSR reporting landscape is constantly evolving. Organisations reporting their sustainability and CSR performance can refer to or use a variety of international and national frameworks, such as GRI, TCFD, MSCI, CDP, SASB and DJSI. However, the increasing number of frameworks, and navigating different definitions, deadlines and data requirements, can lead to inefficiencies and inconsistencies for reporting organisations.

Greenstone, a leading provider of sustainability, supply chain and ESG software solutions, is working with clients across a number of different industries who report against multiple frameworks and investor requests for information. Through the use of its software, Greenstone enables clients to map these frameworks and define one clear set of metrics and KPIs to be collected across their organisation. This process streamlines data collection and reporting efforts and avoids risk of misalignment of frameworks and duplication.

Greenstone’s CSR Frameworks module facilitates framework mapping and enables clients to seamlessly collect, analyse and report the required data across an organisation. Clients can categorise and group metrics e.g. environment, social and governance and set up tags for different frameworks so that specific data sets can be easily exported when required.

Matthew de Villiers, CEO at Greenstone comments “As organisations are increasingly required to report against multiple frameworks the complexity of streamline reporting efforts to meet different information requirements and deadlines can be inefficient and challenging. By enhancing our CSR module with this framework mapping functionality we are enabling our clients to not only improve efficiency but also future-proof their reporting in this fast-evolving reporting landscape”.


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