2 Oct 18

Greenstone launches SupplierPortal 100 programme to help organisations engage with their suppliers

supplierportal-smallGreenstone has launched a programme to provide a fully managed assessment of up to 100 suppliers in eight weeks. SupplierPortal 100, designed to provide clients with a simple way to develop confidence in their suppliers, enables organisations to demonstrate a robust approach to supplier risk screening and due diligence.  

There is an ever-increasing focus on supply chains, with organisations themselves needing to take increased responsibility for whom they work with, and for understanding how their suppliers operate. However, a large number of organisations still don’t know the potential risks in their supply chains and lack the internal process and resource to start a supplier assessment programme.  

The SupplierPortal 100 programme utilises Greenstone’s SupplierPortal enterprise software. This means that Greenstone can provide its clients with a quick and accessible programme to address supply chain risk. Greenstone’s fully managed service engages and assesses an organisation’s suppliers and, once completed, provides clients with standardised reports and scorecards, as well as unlimited access to an online supplier management system.

SupplierPortal 100 - How it works

Greenstone manages the entire process, providing support, content and supplier review services. This is how it works in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Supplier on-boarding

  • Fully managed service by Greenstone
  • Standard and client specific communication plans
  • Weekly update reports

Step 2 – Supplier assessments

  • Key risks flagged
  • Supplier performance scorecards
  • Reports: supplier summaries and overall compliance

Step 3 – SupplierPortal access

  • Unlimited access to your own supplier management system
  • Searchable supplier database
  • Compliance dashboards
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Supplier comparisons and benchmarks
  • Audit functionality
  • Action management
  • Contract management

For more information, or to discuss how the SupplierPortal 100 programme could work for your organisation, please contact our Head of SupplierPortal on gscott-hayward@greenstoneplus.com or +44(0)20 3031 4020.

Alternatively, view the SupplierPortal 100 brochure.

Greenstone enables you to engage your suppliers through its award-winning supply chain sustainability software and support services. SupplierPortal is a supply chain management software solution providing your business with transparency and compliance across your entire supplier network.

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