1 Mar 16

Greenstone launches Modern Slavery partnership with Fifty Eight

50Eight_logo.pngThe recent introduction of the Modern Slavery Act in the UK has generated a significant amount of interest and concern alike. Organisations appear to be aware of the Act, and are not only keen to understand what they need to do to in order to comply, but also how and what they should report year on year.

There has been plenty of clarification on the aims of the Act itself, its coverage and its requirements. However, what has not been so clear is what organisations actually need to include in their reports, what policies and practices need to be introduced and how to train their workforce.

With this in mind, Greenstone has partnered with specialist consultancy Fifty Eight to ensure that its clients have access to the best possible advice around the issue of Modern Slavery.

To launch this partnership we will be offering 10 companies a FREE gap analysis of your business policies and practices against the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act. This will help you identify key actions and a timeline towards your first Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.

Fifty Eight

Fifty Eight provides Ethical Supply Chain Management, Reporting and Training and is committed to helping companies address the challenges they face in building ethical supply chains and addressing Modern Slavery.

Its team has experience in both the practical and strategic challenges of ethical supply chain management and works with some of the world’s leading organisations in Technology, Travel and Tourism, Financial Services, Banking, Legal, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Education and the NGO sector.

Modern Slavery Services

Fifty Eight can equip your organisation to both manage and report on the ways in which you address the Modern Slavery risks in your supply chain. Its services cover reporting, policies and practices, and training.


  • Benchmarking your supply chain modern slavery and ethical engagement practices against codes such as the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code or against the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act supply chains clause.
  • Preparing a Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement to the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act.

  • Working with you to take the practices you already have in place, and develop clear, robust, transparent reporting frameworks that help drive ever more effective ethical supply chain practices, and communicate what you are doing.

  • Integrating Modern Slavery reporting with existing sustainability or Corporate Responsibility reporting.

Policies and Practices

  • Developing strategic supply chain engagement approaches and practical management tools.

  • Identifying potential areas of risk within the current supplier engagement model and your supply chain network.

  • Reviewing and developing Modern Slavery and ethical procurement policies and review suppliers’ policies against those requirements.

  • Integrating ethical trading and Modern Slavery requirements into existing procurement policies and management systems such as ISO 9001.

  • Establishing appropriate KPIs to ensure progress against your stated aims.


  • Training designed for your company and specific areas of the business i.e. Procurement, HR, Facilities, Senior Management and the Board.

  • Overview of the UK Modern Slavery Act Transparency in Supply Chains clause and what it means for companies that operate in the UK.

  • Case studies of good practice specific to your sector. Obstacles to effective change and compliance.

  • Compliance requirements and overviews of Modern Slavery appropriate for teams across your business.


Special partnership launch offer

If you would like to take advantage of the partnership launch offer or would like further information on Greenstone or Fifty Eight’s services in this area please contact us on info@greenstoneplus.com (Ref: Greenstone/FiftyEight) or call Gyles Scott-Hayward on +44 (0)20 3031 4020.


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