17 Mar 22

How Greenstone's Environment module is enabling responsible business

env-dash-22-s - CopyAt Greenstone, we provide a wide range of ESG and sustainability reporting software solutions which have all been developed in response to the evolving reporting ESG and sustainability landscape and our clients’ reporting requirements.

Greenstone’s award-winning sustainability reporting software, Greenstone Enterprise, includes Environment, Frameworks and Health & Safety modules. As sustainability becomes the main focus of more and more companies, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is how can our sustainability reporting software solutions enable responsible business.

This blog aims to highlight some of the main features of our Environment module and showcase how it can be applied. We also highlight two client stories of organisations that use Greenstone’s sustainability reporting software to successfully achieve their sustainability goals.

Greenstone’s Environment module

Greenstone’s Environment module enables your business to measure, better understand and communicate its global environmental performance and impact.

Some benefits of using the Environment module

  • Calculating and reporting an accurate and complete Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions inventory
  • Ensuring that customers, investors, and other stakeholders have access to relevant and meaningful data
  • Achieving and demonstrating environmental targets and carbon reduction
  • Meeting the standards of global reporting systems, such as SASB, CDP, GRI Standards
  • Keeping track of how well your company is performing in relation to goals and targets you’ve set
  • Saving time and resource associated with offline/Excel-based processes 

How Greenstone's Environment module is used:

Data collection

Collect data from a variety of sources, including energy, transportation, waste, water, and fugitive gases, utilising a variety of data capture technologies.

GHG emissions calculation

Calculate GHG emissions using 1 million+ emissions variables from worldwide standards such as the GHG Protocol, the Defra, the US EPA, and the IEA.

Scope 1 , 2 & 3 GHG analysis

This is a sustainability reporting software with complete scope coverage capabilities, including value chain and supply chain. You can use it to conduct scope 1, 2 & 3 GHG analysis. Greenstone’s sustainability reporting software also offers a full scope coverage capability, including value chain and supply chain.


A wide selection of reports is accessible in a comprehensive report template library. This allows for flexible reporting to meet the needs of various stakeholders.

Target tracking

Greenstone's targets dashboards allow you to track and monitor science-based objectives, net-zero targets, and consumption and emissions targets over time.

Data assurance and validation

Define data thresholds, alerts, and approvals to create an audit-ready data collection that can be verified by a third party.

Initiative savings

Track and manage consumption or GHG emissions reductions throughout your business. During the monitoring and verification stages, keep track of the expected and actual savings (aligned with CDP).

Risks and opportunities 

Create, manage, and report climate change risks and opportunities. Management information can be included to track governance and strategy approaches. The risk and opportunity reporting content is in line with CDP and TCFD.


Case studies


Hypertherm advances sustainability & supply chain data with software

Greenstone has been working with Hypertherm, a multinational manufacturer, to improve data management throughout the company's global sites and supply chain. Hypertherm was able to expedite data gathering and obtain the precise data needed to establish aggressive 2030 targets thanks to Greenstone's sustainability and supply chain software solutions.

As a result of implementing Greenstone’s sustainability reporting software, Hypertherm staff found they were able to access and understand data quicker than ever before. Greenstone’s sustainability reporting software, Enterprise, has enabled them to manage their environmental data across all sites and in turn focus on in-depth reporting and data analysis in order to set goals. The team can now easily demonstrate where improvements have been made, against tangible KPI’s, which has been instrumental in increasing the level of engagement across the company.

“Greenstone’s software and supporting services have been instrumental in supporting our sustainability journey to ensure we have access to accurate and meaningful data that can help us set and achieve our long-term goals.”

Robin Tindall, Environmental Stewardship Team Leader, Hypertherm

View full case study.


Royal Mail - approved use for website - cropped (1)Royal Mail transforms its environmental reporting with Greenstone

Royal Mail is using Greenstone's sustainability reporting software to calculate, manage and report its environmental data across 1600 sites with accuracy and confidence.

The collection, coverage, and quality of its environmental data were three important difficulties that Royal Mail was looking to overcome while researching relevant software in order to meet its aggressive carbon reduction objectives. For collecting, managing, and reporting its environmental data, it needed a solid software platform that eliminated the risk and wasted resources associated with old manual spreadsheet methods.

The bulk of Royal Mail's emissions come from its vehicles and transportation, thus accurately estimating and reporting fleet-related emissions was critical for the company to meet the lofty objectives set forth in its environmental policy.

“At Royal Mail, our impact on the environment and society is very important to us. Our partnership with Greenstone has enabled us to improve data accuracy and has increased confidence in our reporting to help us accurately report our achievement against our targets, both now and in the future.”  

David Waterston, Carbon & Environment Programmes Manager, Royal Mail

View full case study.

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