26 Apr 21

Hypertherm advances sustainability & supply chain data with software

Hypertherm-blog-sGreenstone has been working with global manufacturer Hypertherm to improve the company’s data management across its global locations and supply chain. Through the use of Greenstone’s sustainability reporting software and sustainable supply chain software solutions, Hypertherm has been able to streamline data collection and access the accurate data required to set ambitious goals for 2030. Read the project case study below.

The Company

Hypertherm is a 100% associate-owned industrial manufacturer headquartered in the US. From 16 sites across 10 countries, Hypertherm designs and manufactures plasma, waterjet and laser cutting systems and software for use in a variety of industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing and automotive repair.

Hypertherm uses Greenstone’s sustainability reporting software, Enterprise, and sustainable supply chain software, SupplierPortal, to collect, manage, analyse and report data across its offices, facilities and supplier network.


The Challenge

As a manufacturing company, Hypertherm is challenged with managing large volumes of data, such as waste data and hardware-level energy data, from different areas of the business.

Hypertherm has an environmental stewardship team of three people. This team’s focus is on how Hypertherm’s sustainability performance and emissions reduction can be improved across all three GHG scopes; from internally within its own production processes, all the way downstream to its suppliers and customers.

The team relies on ‘Green Champions’ from all departments of the company to leverage their expertise within different subject areas. In order to engage with this group, and make sustainability relevant to all sides of the business, the team have consistently found themselves reaching for data to support this.

However, the team found that using Excel as a database for tracking environmental data and emissions conversions were slowing down the process and had led to the reliance on a very large and unstable data set. This added a level of complication when needing to access and explain the data to colleagues, particularly when personnel changes took place.

As a manufacturer, part of Hypertherm’s sustainability journey is to increase engagement with suppliers on a wide range of key sustainability and compliance metrics, including raw materials. As more focus was placed on these supplier relationships and the need for varied supplier information increased, it also became clear that existing methods of sustainable supplier management were not able to support Hypertherm’s long-term goals.

The Solution

Greenstone worked with Hypertherm to migrate all of its historical environmental data into Greenstone’s sustainability reporting software and fully implement the software across the organization. All ‘Green Champions’ were trained on how to view their environmental data within the software solution. To increase engagement, Greenstone’s user group permissions function was implemented to ensure that these users had access to certain views only containing the data which was meaningful to them.

Additionally, Hypertherm implemented Greenstone’s sustainable supply chain software, working with Greenstone to review historical data sets and to create a new supplier assessment benchmark. The aim is to align Hypertherm’s purchasing and ongoing supplier management practices with their corporate goals across the environment, health and safety, anti-bribery and corruption, labour practices, product compliance and information security.

“Greenstone’s software and supporting services have been instrumental in supporting our sustainability journey to ensure we have access to accurate and meaningful data that can help us set and achieve our long-term goals.”

Robin Tindall, Environmental Stewardship Team Leader, Hypertherm

The Results

By implementing Greenstone’s sustainability reporting software and sustainable supply chain software solutions across its 16 sites and its direct supply chain, Hypertherm’s team was able to streamline data collection across its organization and confidently and efficiently access the accurate data required to set ambitious goals for 2030.

As a result of implementing Greenstone’s sustainability reporting software and sustainable supply chain software solutions, Hypertherm staff found they were able to access and understand data quicker than ever before. Greenstone’s sustainability reporting software, Enterprise, has enabled them to manage their environmental data across all sites and in turn focus on in-depth reporting and data analysis in order to set goals. The team can now easily demonstrate where improvements have been made, against tangible KPI’s, which has been instrumental in increasing the level of engagement across the company.

Through Greenstone’s sustainable supply chain software, SupplierPortal, Hypertherm has been able to achieve greater transparency across its supplier network. Utilising the analysis tools available to Hypertherm can automatically identify risks, and engage suppliers in direct dialogue to remediate these through corrective actions. The flexibility of SupplierPortal, Greenstone's sustainable supply chain software, has also enabled Hypertherm to expand the program to additional suppliers and across further compliance areas, such as conflict minerals.

Additionally, Greenstone’s sustainability software solutions have enabled Hypertherm to focus on more than just reporting and helped with the setting of their 2030 goals, spanning across their internal operations and their Scope 3 suppliers and customers. Greenstone’s sustainability software has given Hypertherm the ability to present the data in a way that explains the new targets to all parts of the business and ensures that everyone understands the part that they play in achieving these.


Greenstone enables you to engage your suppliers through its award-winning supply chain sustainability software and support services. SupplierPortal is a supply chain management software solution providing your business with transparency and compliance across your entire supplier network.

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