18 Jan 18

State of Green Business Report 2018

This week GreenBiz published its annual State of Green Business Report. This report assesses how, and how much, companies are integrating sustainability into business strategy and operations.


12 Jan 18

The coffee cup dilemma and the opportunity for sustainable business

The UK sends an estimated 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups to landfill every year1. This doesn’t include those cups that escape collection and find their way into the surrounding environment along with our other waste products as litter. The detrimental effects, both ecologically and aesthetically of this offshoot of quick consumerism is beginning to grate on the last nerve of our policy makers.


8 Jan 18

Greenstone partners with UNGC and Ardea International to host webinar on human rights in the supply chain

Greenstone has partnered with specialist consulting firm Ardea International and UN Global Compact Network UK to host a webinar on human rights in the supply chain on Wednesday 31st January at 3.30pm GMT.

There is an ever-increasing focus on global supply chains, with organisations themselves needing to take increased responsibility for whom they work with, and for understanding how their suppliers operate. Human rights is an issue that is very much driving this discussion, with rights and conditions of workers a topic Governments across the world are trying to address.

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14 Dec 17

Greenstone conducts research on social and environmental impact reporting

Greenstone is conducting research on social and environmental impact reporting.

We would be grateful if you could take 5 - 10 minutes to complete this short survey which aims to investigate the current challenges of non-financial reporting with a focus on emerging reporting techniques linked to measurement and reporting of impacts.


11 Dec 17

GRI releases publication on the EU NFR Directive

GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and CSR Europe have released a publication on Directive 2014/95/EU and the future of non-financial reporting in Europe. 

Directive 2014/95/EU, or the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) as it’s more commonly known, is now in force. With member states required to have legislation in place as of December 2016, it is expected the first company reports will be published in 2018 covering financial year 17-18. 


28 Nov 17

Partner focus: The Climate Group working with businesses to tackle climate change

One of the key conclusions drawn from the 2015 Paris Agreement was the need for businesses to shoulder the collective responsibility of tackling climate change. To keep warming below the 2°C threshold, said to alleviate the more catastrophic impacts of global warming, action needs to extend beyond the reaches of government.

With this in mind, over the past few years the Climate Group have introduced a series of ambitious initiatives, working internationally with forward thinking businesses looking to shape the global response to climate change.  


22 Nov 17

Webinar: A practical approach to tackling GDPR requirements for your suppliers

Greenstone, in partnership with DCK and Verego, is hosting a webinar titled 'A practical approach to tackling GDPR requirements for suppliers' on Thursday 7th December at 3.30pm GMT. 

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect on 25th May 2018 and will replace all previous data protection legislation. Due to the expanded territorial reach of the regulation and the additional obligations it places on different actors within the data chain, organisations should already be preparing as the impact on will be immediate.


8 Nov 17

GDPR - an introduction and 9 things you should be doing to prepare

In preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) content and services that Greenstone will be providing through our SupplierPortal solution, we will be providing an educational series around GDPR.

Our GDPR series will be made up of four parts:

  • Part 1: GDPR - an introduction and 9 things you should be doing to prepare

  • Part 2: The supply chain impact of GDPR and how it should be addressed.

  • Part 3: Using software to address GDPR compliance.

  • Part 4: Webinar – a practical approach to tackling the GDPR: relevant data, efficient processes, and certification


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6 Nov 17

Webinar: GRI Standards - one year on

Greenstone is holding a 30-minute webinar titled 'GRI Standards: one year on' on Wednesday 29th November at 3.30pm GMT. 

It’s been a year since Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) launched the GRI Standards and many organisations have now reported against this recent iteration of the framework. Whether this has been in the form of migration reports from the previous G4 guidelines or from first-time adopters of GRI, the detailed and prescriptive framework has continued to be one of the most widely used globally.

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31 Oct 17

Greenstone to join expert panel at responsible sourcing event in Dublin

Greenstone has been invited to join an expert panel at a responsible sourcing event in Dublin, Ireland on Friday 10th November. The event, on the topic of 'Responsible Sourcing: Managing Increasing Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Risk in Supply Chains' will include a conversation with Mike Simms, Chief Procurement Officer at Microsoft Corp.

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