16 Oct 20

Webinar - the value and impact of Supplier Codes of Conduct

The value of supplier codes of conduct webinat 12th Nov 2020Greenstone, in partnership with Ardea International and the University of Westminster Business School, is hosting a webinar on the value and impact of Supplier Codes of Conduct on Thursday 12th November at 4pm GMT. 

A code of conduct is a set of guidelines for suppliers that defines the company’s relationship with a supplier and lays out the behavioural and procedural standards required of them. It is a voluntary document from the company’s perspective, but it is often mandated as part of their contract that suppliers agree to the terms and principles laid out in the code.

The code of conduct is a communication to suppliers, and the wider stakeholder group, of corporate values. It is a way of aligning corporate policies and procedures, for example on sustainability,
with supplier management practices. 

As part of this webinar we will launch a white paper on The value and impact of Codes of Conduct; a culmination of a bespoke research project undertaken by Ardea International and the University of Westminster Business School.

Join the webinar to learn how:

  • businesses are addressing concerns about ethical behaviour in their supply chains
  • a code of conduct is a successful way to address those concerns
  • a code of conduct encourages transparency in a company and its supply chains
  • if they aren’t legally required, what the incentives are for developing one



During this webinar, Colleen Theron, CEO of Ardea International, will provide the context to codes of conduct and a legal insight on their use. Rachel Lander, Director of teaching, learning and quality at the University of Westminster Business School, will provide an academic perspective on codes of conduct and explain how UoWBS will consider them in learning outputs. Gyles Scott-Hayward, Head of SupplierPortal at Greenstone, will outline the value of codes of conduct in supply chains and how organisations are using software solutions to distribute codes of conduct and manage supplier compliance.

Unable to join us on the day? We will record this webinar. If you are unable to attend live, please register and we will send you a link to the recording after the webinar.


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