25 Mar 20

Webinar: Sustainable procurement and modern slavery risk – how to ensure you are meeting global legislation

Modern Slavery webinarGreenstone and Ardea International, a specialist business and human rights consultancy, have partnered to hold a webinar on how to integrate global modern slavery risk into a sustainable procurement strategy. This webinar will be held on Wednesday 22nd April at 4pm GMT.

Modern slavery legislation is being enacted in more and more countries across the world. Whilst the financial penalties for non-compliance alone may not deter some businesses, the reputational impact of failing to take measures to combat modern slavery in supply chains can be crippling.

Ensuring that you are aware of the legislation which covers your organisation, the requirements it places upon your business and how to integrate this in to your sustainable procurement strategy, are all key to ensuring your business remains compliant.

A successful sustainable procurement strategy brings together the different strands of company policies, aspirations and legislative requirements into one coherent approach to engaging and managing suppliers. Modern slavery is one area of many that requires a robust approach to supplier engagement, data gathering and analysis, and of course the identification and remediation of risk.

Join this webinar which will cover the following:

  • An introduction to global modern slavery legislation
  • Identification of key differences between coverage and requirements of the legislation
  • Integrating modern slavery risk into procurement
  • The key elements of a successful sustainable procurement strategy
  • The use of software to enable your sustainable procurement strategy and to manage supply chain risk


Gyles Scott-Hayward, Head of SupplierPortal, Greenstone

Colleen Theron, CEO, Ardea International




Unable to join us on the day? We will record this webinar. If you are unable to attend live, please register and we will send you a link to the recording after the webinar.


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