22 Nov 18

Webinar: How to integrate sustainability into procurement

Grippr - Greenstone - webinar image - blogTo complete the blog series on sustainable procurement, Greenstone has partnered with procurement consultancy, Grippr, to hold a webinar on Thursday 29 November.

This 30-minute webinar will cover the opportunities for improving efficiency in procurement and provide practical tips on how to introduce sustainability into procurement processes.


Join this 30-minute webinar, which will cover:

  • The changing procurement landscape
  • Key trends in the evolution of procurement (e.g. technology, digitisation, sustainability)
  • Opportunities for improving efficiency in procurement
  • Integrating sustainability into your procurement model
  • Practical steps to engaging the organisation on sustainability
  • How software can enable sustainable procurement


  • Gyles Scott-Hayward, Head of SupplierPortal, Greenstone
  • Merel Plante, Managing Partner, Grippr Procurement


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