22 Nov 18

Webinar: How to integrate sustainability into procurement

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This webinar has now passed. Please visit our Past Webinars page to access the recording.

To complete the blog series on sustainable procurement, Greenstone has partnered with procurement consultancy, Grippr, to hold a webinar on Thursday 29 November.

This 30-minute webinar will cover the opportunities for improving efficiency in procurement and provide practical tips on how to introduce sustainability into procurement processes.


Join this 30-minute webinar, which will cover:

  • The changing procurement landscape
  • Key trends in the evolution of procurement (e.g. technology, digitisation, sustainability)
  • Opportunities for improving efficiency in procurement
  • Integrating sustainability into your procurement model
  • Practical steps to engaging the organisation on sustainability
  • How software can enable sustainable procurement


  • Gyles Scott-Hayward, Head of SupplierPortal, Greenstone
  • Merel Plante, Managing Partner, Grippr Procurement


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