13 Aug 19

Webinar: Five practical steps to start measuring and reporting your organisation’s impact

Impact_reporting_blog image_finalGreenstone has partnered with impact measurement experts Vertigo Ventures to hold a 30-minute webinar on impact reporting on Tuesday 17 September. 

The increasing awareness of sustainability issues and their potential risk to businesses and communities, has led to an emerging trend in measuring and reporting the value and costs that businesses bring to society and the environment.

For many stakeholders it is no longer deemed sufficient for businesses to measure and report their social and environmental performance without giving their figures further context in terms of their impacts.

The interest around impact measurement, valuation and reporting is increasing across different organisations and industries. Organisations are keen to explore and implement new types of disclosures as it enables decision makers to improve their sustainability strategies and shift social and environmental change towards a positive direction.

Greenstone has partnered with impact measurement experts Vertigo Ventures to hold a 30-minute webinar on what impact reporting is and how to start measuring and reporting impacts as part of your organisation’s reporting strategy.

This 30-minute session will include:

  • What is impact reporting?
  • Five practical steps on how to start
  • Importance of culture change and internal engagement
  • Clarity in frameworks & methodology


  • Laura Tucker, CEO, Vertigo Ventures
  • David Wynn, Head of Client Services, Greenstone



As Founder and CEO of Vertigo Ventures (VV), Laura Tucker leads the strategy and growth of the company. Laura founded VV in 2009 and led the development of the company’s flagship product, VV-Impact Tracker, which is now used by leading international research institutions globally, to identify, measure and report the impact of their research. Laura regularly contributes to the global impact agenda though co-writing official impact papers and speaking at conferences worldwide. For example, previously, UK's HEFCE commissioned VV to publish a 'Collecting Impact Evidence' best practice guide, and in 2018, Laura has presented at the EARMA and NCURA conferences in Brussels and Washington respectively, as well as at Times Higher Education (THE) Summits around the world.

For more information on Vertigo Ventures visit this link here