24 Oct 18

Webinar: ESOS Phase 2 – how to prepare and optimise your reporting


This webinar has now passed. Please visit the Past Webinars page to access the recording. 

On Tuesday 6th November, Greenstone and Carbon Smart will be holding a joint webinar on ESOS Phase 2. 

Phase 2 of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) makes it mandatory for large UK organisations to measure energy consumption and carry out energy audits. If you operate in other EU Member States, you may also need to comply with local ESOS-equivalents in those territories.

Greenstone has partnered with its approved ESOS Lead Assessor partner and sustainability consultancy, Carbon Smart, to deliver a webinar on ESOS Phase 2 and the opportunities for reporting organisations.

In this 30-minute webinar we will cover:

  • Introduction to ESOS phase 2
  • What has changed from ESOS phase 1 to ESOS phase 2?
  • The process and how to prepare
  • What routes to compliance exist and what is the best for your business?
  • The opportunity for businesses
  • Are there ESOS equivalents in mainland Europe?
  • Best practice for collecting data
  • Managing and monitoring initiatives moving forward post-ESOS