18 Apr 17

University of Manchester receives award for sustainability

UoM-AUDE-award-sThe University of Manchester has received a prestigious award for two of its sustainability projects. At a national awards ceremony, the Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE) gave Manchester their Whole Institutional Sustainability Engagement award for two projects – 10,000 Actions and the Sustainability Challenge.

The Sustainability Challenge was rolled out across the University of Manchester’s campus last September with around 5,000 new students assembling into probably the largest project team in history. Their mission was to work together to design a new campus for the fictional ‘University of Millchester’.

Working in groups with people they often hadn’t met before, the students had to incorporate costs and energy efficiency, while paying attention to the needs of the local community. Ultimately the aim was to learn more about the issues around energy, community relations and social responsibility, and to develop leadership skills.

The other project, 10,000 Actions, is for University staff and encourages everyone to learn about the key issues of sustainability such as travel, responsible purchasing and energy, and the actions they can take to make a big difference through an innovative online tool. More than 20,000 actions which range from cycling to work to joining local environmental groups have been pledged and many carried out since the scheme launched in November.

Emma Gardner, Head of Environmental Sustainability at the University said: “Socially responsible action is one of the key objectives of the University. These projects are part of how we translate that ideal to real action.

“Through 10,000 Actions and the Sustainability Challenge, our staff and students are learning skills and taking action that makes Manchester and beyond better for everyone. These are two key social responsibility signature programmes focused on sustainability, so it is particularly pleasing to them recognised in this way.”

Read the original press release on the University of Manchester’s website.

The University of Manchester and Greenstone

The University of Manchester has been using Greenstone’s non-financial reporting software since 2012.  Through the use of Greenstone’s Environment module, the University collects, calculates and reports its environmental data with accuracy and confidence across more than 100 buildings, 28 schools, 4 academic faculties and 5 other university departments. 

The use of Greenstone’s software has reduced the burden of data gathering across multiple sites and has provided useful metrics to encourage staff, student and local authority engagement with its broader environmental sustainability programme. It also enables more efficient reporting and helps to identify additional opportunities to reduce carbon, resource consumption and cost.

Talk to us about how your university could use Greenstone’s software to improve non-financial reporting reporting and save you time, energy and money.