19 May 15

Latest version of SupplierPortal - enhanced usability and further analytical capability

Questionnaire_Analysis_-_May_15-sThe latest SupplierPortal release enhances the user experience and provides yet more analytical capability

Why the new version?

The latest release of SupplierPortal, as with all of our software development, is based on listening carefully to our client’s needs and drawing on our wide experience of the market.

This release adds more analytical capability and further enhances the user experience throughout the whole solution, without compromising our focus on simplicity and usability.

What has been added?

• Review and validate your Supplier’s information using the new audit function. Suppliers can be assigned to different auditors e.g. internal or third party, for audit against multiple bespoke audit templates.

• Monitor any potential Supplier non-compliance through the expired documents area. This helps to identify any risks that may be associated with expiring or expired Supplier information.

• Evaluate your Supplier’s performance simply using the downloadable PDF reports that include any flagged responses.

• Manage your Supplier relationships by recording the details of the internal Account manager, the key Supplier contact and any relationship notes. These fields can be easily searched in the supplier tab.


(Figure 1. New audit functionality enables internal and third party validation of supplier information) 

What else can SupplierPortal do for you?


• Create custom questionnaires and scorecards that can be applied to individual or groups of Suppliers.

• Run exception reports or flag supplier responses to identify potential risk in your supply chain.

• Manage overall supplier compliance through the compliance and questionnaire dashboards.

• Compare performance and responses across multiple Suppliers.

• Create multiple groups and labels to organise and manage Suppliers.

• Distribute different questionnaires to different supplier groups.


• Ensure that you can identify any documentation that might have expired, or be expiring soon, through the expired documents tab.

• Easily update your expired information by unlocking questionnaires and uploading your latest documents.

• Use your public profile page so that you have a public business listing that can be searched by all the registered Buyers in SupplierPortal – access this in the admin settings menu.

• Share your profile of information with all of your customers through the buyer invitation tab, whether they are registered on SupplierPortal or not.

• Answer any of the standard SupplierPortal questionnaires in order to disclose information as an organisation, including calculation of carbon, waste and water footprints.

• Download PDF reports of all completed information.

Greenstone enables you to engage your suppliers through its award-winning supply chain sustainability software and support services. SupplierPortal is a supply chain management software solution providing your business with transparency and compliance across your entire supplier network.


If you would like further information on how to make SupplierPortal work for you, please contact the SupplierPortal team at supplierportal@greenstoneplus.com, or join on of our weekly webinars.



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