1 Sep 16

The Business & Climate Summit – event footprint

BCS_3.jpgThis year the Business & Climate Summit was hosted by The Climate Group in London on 28th and 29th June. Greenstone was selected as the event footprint partner for the 2-day event and the footprint report, detailing the carbon emissions associated with the conference, has recently been published.

The Business & Climate Summit is the leading annual forum for businesses, investors and policymakers on climate action. It is where business and governments come together to agree on a roadmap for reaching net zero emissions over the next half century. It demonstrates how low carbon strategies are good for business and good for growth – and builds the partnerships needed to scale up and accelerate the low carbon transition.

Total emissions

Using its Enterprise software solution, Greenstone calculated the carbon footprint of the Summit, held at the Guildhall in London, UK. Data was collected for a number of emission sources associated with the use of the venue, attendees travelling to and from the event and the logistics involved.

The total absolute emissions associated with the conference were 93.44 tCO₂e. With 707 delegates attending over the 2-day event, emissions were 0.13 tCO₂e per delegate.

Click here to view the full report.

Greenstone – The Climate Group Partnership

Greenstone is a proud partner and supporter of The Climate Group. Since 2011, The Climate Group has used Greenstone’s non-financial reporting software to measure, monitor and manage its own carbon impact globally.

The Climate Group chose Greenstone’s web-based application because of its functional breadth and ease of accessibility from anywhere in the world. The software provides fast and accurate reports which enables in-depth analysis of energy, business travel, waste and water across all parts of the organisation, while the one-click reports function frees up time for Green Champions in each region to focus on reduction initiatives.

We are also taking part in Climate Week NYC from 19 -26 September so please let us know if you are interested in meeting us there.

Event Footprinting

Greenstone has carried out similar footprints for events and conferences including the Ryder Cup Gold Tournament, the EAUC Conference and most recently the 5th GRI Global Conference.  

To find out more about Greenstone’s event carbon footprinting services, please contact us.

If you are interested in having a demo, or would like to discuss your organisation’s non-financial reporting requirements, please email Katherine Prove at kprove@greenstoneplus.com.

Greenstone offers all of The Climate Group’s members a 20% discount on the annual subscription fee for its software solutions.


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