16 Jun 21

Scope 3 supply chain emissions – how to improve your supplier data

scope3-sp-blog-sGreenstone is holding a webinar on 'Scope 3 supply chain emissions – how to improve your supplier data' on Thursday 15th July
4pm BST.

Measuring and reducing scope 3 emissions (emissions from the value chain) has become a primary focus for companies, particularly those who have set science-based or net-zero targets. With this comes the challenge of data collection from parties outside of your company – in many cases from suppliers, who can make up a large proportion of scope 3 emissions.

In this webinar, Greenstone discusses how to start your scope 3 supply chain emissions journey, the importance of supplier engagement and the tools that we have available to help ensure you have confidence in your supplier data.

Join this 30-minute webinar which will cover:

  • Trends in scope 3 supply chain emissions reporting
  • How to start your supply chain emissions journey
  • Choosing the right methodology for capturing and calculating supplier emissions
  • Supplier engagement and how to position carbon reduction with your suppliers
  • How software can enable the collection of accurate supplier data at scale


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Gyles Scott-Hayward, Head of SupplierPortal, Greenstone


As Head of SupplierPortal Gyles is responsible for managing the Greenstone SupplierPortal product, making sure that it evolves to meet our clients responsible sourcing and sustainable supply chain requirements, both now and in the future.

Gyles has a post-graduate degree in carbon management and has worked delivering varied projects across the suite of Greenstone sustainability solutions, in order to support our clients evolving sustainability programmes.

Unable to join us on the day? We will record this webinar. If you are unable to attend live, please register and we will send you a link to the recording after the webinar.


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