8 Jul 15

Reporting Scope 2 Emissions under the GHG Protocol - what you need to know

Greenstone is holding a webinar on Tuesday 21st July at 1pm GMT on what you need to know about reporting Scope 2 emissions under the new GHG Protocol guidance. 

New guidance on Scope 2 reporting has been published by the GHG Protocol as a response to the rapid growth in renewable energy. It offers organisations a new approach for reporting how low-carbon electricity purchases contribute towards their carbon footprint.

The WRI and WBCSD are encouraging organisations to use the new approach and the GHG Protocol has already been working with companies including Mars, Facebook, Google and EDF Energy to pioneer the use of the new Scope 2 approach.

The Scope 2 Guidance is required for companies that follow the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard. CDP will require organisations to report using the new methodology from 2016 and this will likely be a driver for many companies to consider how a market-based approach could offer greater reporting accuracy.

Confused about where to start?

Join our webinar which will cover:

- What you need to know about the new Scope 2 GHG Protocol Guidance.

- How it impacts your organisation.

- How to start using the new Guidance to measure your emissions.  



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