19 Oct 15

Rackspace enhances its global sustainability reporting capability with Greenstone’s enterprise software

Homepage_Screenshot_v5Greenstone today announced that Rackspace®, the #1 managed cloud company, has chosen Greenstone’s Enterprise software as part of its emissions management portfolio.  Rackspace has selected Greenstone to calculate, track and store its global sustainability data.  

The Global Corporate Social Responsibility team at Rackspace has been working with Greenstone to roll out the software to capture emissions data globally across Rackspace’s 23 site locations. Now fully implemented, Greenstone’s software is providing Rackspace with an easy and intuitive way to capture and centralise global sustainability data, eliminating error-prone data transfers and improving data reliability. Rackspace has been tracking this data since 2011.

The flexibility of Greenstone’s Environment module gives Rackspace the ability to produce fast and accurate reports on energy trends at their key sites.

Rachel Romoff, Sustainability Manager at Rackspace, stated, “As an energy-intensive business, it is important for us to have accurate and efficient ways to track our Company’s spend and usage for energy and all-natural capital.  Greenstone’s software platform is a resource that allows us to track our global per cent of renewable energy and have transparency on the impacts of our business. The software is only one part of the value Greenstone brings to the table. Greenstone helps guide us with their deep knowledge and expertise.”

Matthew de Villiers, CEO at Greenstone comments, “We have seen a rapid movement towards the need for reliable sustainability data in the IT sector, particularly in the U.S. market, and we are excited to be part of it. We are proud to have been selected by Rackspace to support their ambitious plans to be an innovative environmental leader in their sector and look forward to supporting them on this journey in the years to come.”

For press enquiries, please contact Katherine Prove (kprove@greenstoneplus.com).  


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