18 Sep 15

Quintain transforms its procurement and corporate risk policies with SupplierPortal

quintainGreenstone's, supply chain sustainability software, SupplierPortal, is a flexible cloud-based solution for sharing information between Buyers and Suppliers. By moving your supplier management and due diligence processes online, you will immediately move your focus from data collection to managing risk and compliance.

This is achieved through customisable features, for example, questionnaires, scorecards, response flagging, audits, comparisons, benchmarks and an automated notification system. 

Who’s the Client?

Quintain Estates & Development PLC is a London-focussed regeneration company. Quintain is behind Wembley Park, London's largest urban renewal scheme, and during its 21-year history has transformed assets across the Capital into places where people want to live, companies want to grow and neighbourhoods can come alive.

What’s the Story?  

In a period of significant growth, Quintain undertook a major revision of its procurement policy. As part of this project, Quintain saw their ability to build and leverage strong relationships with Suppliers as a key contributor to the future success of their business.

Quintain implemented Greenstone's, supply chain sustainability software, SupplierPortal, as a way of collecting and analysing supplier information. This was to achieve a number of objectives, including:

  • Manage corporate risk
  • Create responsive and reliable supply chains
  • Deliver a consistent and auditable means of selecting and de-selecting suppliers
  • Build collaborative business relationships through trust and information sharing
  • Ensure supplier compliance
  • Align suppliers with Quintain’s objectives
  • Reduce time, cost and risk associated with supplier due diligence, for both Quintain and their suppliers.

Quintain now manages its corporate risk through the analysis of information captured in supply chain sustainability software, SupplierPortal. Suppliers are required to register securely online and then complete the required questionnaires for their organisation. Quintain then uses the customisable analytical tools in supply chain sustainability software, SupplierPortal, to efficiently evaluate the responses before approving each supplier.

Suppliers are grouped and scored according to Quintain’s criteria, with flags applied to certain responses, ensuring non-compliance, or risk, is easily detected. On an ongoing basis, suppliers are monitored through multiple flexible reporting functions, for example, automated alerts placed on the expiry dates of insurance information are vital to ensuring continued compliance.

“Using SupplierPortal to capture consistent and relevant information from suppliers has significantly reduced our corporate risk exposure and reduced the costs, errors and labour associated with a manual spreadsheet-based approach”

Financial Controller, Quintain Estates & Development Plc

By moving the process online, Quintain is now able to move its focus from data collection to managing risk and ensuring compliance.

Moving forward, Quintain will be ‘opening up’ the supply chain sustainability software, SupplierPortal, to all internal buying teams for the ongoing selection of suppliers and management of supplier documents, insurance policies and contractual agreements. The Quintain team has now re-focussed its efforts on supporting critical suppliers who have not achieved ‘approved’ status and building effective long-term partnerships with successful suppliers.


Greenstone provides software and services that enable sustainable procurement and responsible supply chains. Discover Greenstone's SupplierPortal, the supply chain sustainability software solution used in this case study.


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