1 Sep 14

New SupplierPortal software release

The latest version of SupplierPortal is going live in September.  We have drawn on our wide experience of the market and our clients’ use of the portal to create an even more comprehensive solution for managing the day to day challenges of supplier due diligence.

Using the latest analytical technologies, the user interface has been carefully enhanced to accommodate all the new functionality without compromising our renowned, easy-to-use approach, to the Buyer and Supplier user experience.

Buyer side updates

SupplierPortal is always focussed on providing the most detailed and flexible analysis of supplier data. This covers bespoke supplier scorecards, grouped comparisons, benchmarking and the ability to interrogate data through questionnaire queries.

In addition to this capability we have introduced compliance and questionnaire analysis dashboards. Through the compliance dashboard you can monitor your suppliers as they register and publish their information through SupplierPortal.  This provides an overview of the compliance status of your suppliers at any given time and, through the ability to filter and export all supplier information, the process of ensuring improved compliance levels is made extremely efficient.

The questionnaire analysis dashboards enables you to view the completion rates of all required questionnaires, taking into account the number of suppliers requested to complete them. Any flags that you have placed on the questionnaires are interactively displayed, immediately highlighting risk areas across your suppliers without the need to analyse individual questions.

supplierchart-s-1(Figure 1. Compliance dashboard showing supplier compliance statistics.)

Supplier side updates

We understand that the Supplier experience of SupplierPortal is vital to the successful collection of information and continued strong relationship between Suppliers and Buyers. Suppliers will continue to enjoy complete control over their data and can publish it to as many of their customers as they wish without incurring any additional costs.

The new release includes the ability for suppliers to create as many users as required, ensuring that questionnaires can be distributed and completed across different areas of the business as efficiently as possible.  The administration rights of users are easily managed and the audit log keeps a record of which users edit and publish each questionnaire.


If you are interested in viewing the new functionality of SupplierPortal, or getting a better idea of how you might gather and manage your supplier information more efficiently, then please join our next webinar on 18th September at 2pm. Please email Gyles Scott-Hayward on gscott-hayward@greenstoneplus.com to book your place.

Greenstone enables you to engage your suppliers through its award-winning supply chain sustainability software and support services. SupplierPortal is a supply chain management software solution providing your business with transparency and compliance across your entire supplier network.

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