23 Jun 17

New SupplierPortal release - contract management

Paper_Files.jpgGreenstone is updating its SupplierPortal software to make it even easier for clients to manage and monitor all of their suppliers. We have listened to client feedback and seen the increasing need for more standardised supplier management processes and software.

SupplierPortal is designed to help your organisation manage all of your suppliers in one place. For many of our clients, sending out supplier assessment questionnaires through SupplierPortal means engaging with only a proportion of their overall supplier network, and while this can be sufficient often the remaining suppliers still need to be understood and managed. The SupplierPortal solution, particularly with the addition of new contract management functionality, ensures greater transparency across your entire supplier network.

The introduction of contract management has resulted in even more ‘Buyer’ functionality in the solution, meaning that all suppliers and contracts can be managed in one place, through a consistent process.

Key contract management functionality

  • Upload full supplier list into SupplierPortal, and automatically segment suppliers according to multiple bespoke categories and labels.
  • Upload multiple contracts and supporting files against individual suppliers.
  • Set up customisable contract fields for each contract record e.g. contract categories, bands, risk ratings, multiple contract clauses, estimated and variable costing etc.
  • Tag contracts by multiple projects.
  • Filterable contract dashboard by all fields including associated personnel, costs, key dates.
  • Set up automated user email notifications which run against termination and notice period dates.
  • Set secure access rights by individual users and user groups by contract.



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Greenstone enables you to engage your suppliers through its award-winning supply chain sustainability software and support services. SupplierPortal is a supply chain management software solution providing your business with transparency and compliance across your entire supplier network.

SupplierPortal has proved an effective platform for gathering vital supplier information, enabling organisations to monitor supplier compliance, manage risk, and to be able to demonstrate to key stakeholders a robust supplier due diligence process.

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