25 Jul 14

How to manage supplier data efficiently and accurately

Data2As a buyer, there’s a good chance you are juggling data, left, right and centre. You’re trying to keep on top of your supplier data, while also having to compare supplier performance and monitor supplier compliance.

But it’s not an easy task for suppliers to manage these data requirements either. On top of supplying their products or services, suppliers are increasingly expected to process countless requests for data. Often they have to calculate their carbon, waste and water footprints, generate reports for general business use and share this information with all of their customers to demonstrate a level of compliance. 

When you think how much there is to do on either side of the process, it can very quickly become complicated.

How do you manage supplier data more efficiently and more accurately?

Managing your supplier data efficiently and accurately is vital to be able to make informed decisions. As a buyer, you need a lot of information, and that information takes time to fill out and report back. It can mean long delays in receiving the data that you need.

It is about having a system that benefits everyone in the process of managing supplier data – both buyers and suppliers. Having a system in place that allows suppliers to share this information with you in a secure environment will make the process more manageable.  

It means that suppliers can easily input their data, upload supporting information and calculate their carbon, waste and water footprint as well as being able to control the data they input. In short, it allows suppliers to provide all the data and information that a buyer needs and wants in a way that is manageable for both sides. 

And for the buyer, having the right system in place makes getting data from suppliers much easier. In addition, it makes the process of comparing and analysing this data easier. In essence, it puts you in control of your supplier information, without the hours of toil and paper work.

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