5 Jun 18

Sponsoring a leading sustainable supply chain and procurement event

X Supply ChainsGreenstone is sponsoring X Supply Chains in London this Thursday (7th June).

This event, organised by The Crowd, will bring together 120+ supply chain, sustainability, sourcing, procurement and ethical trade professionals to explore how to apply disruptive thinking and solutions to next-generation sustainable supply chains.

This half-day event, consisting of keynotes, high-level panels and peer round-table discussions, aims to connect leaders from a mix of different industries. Greenstone will be facilitating a roundtable discussion on ‘Supplier information management: extracting value for your business’ discussing how we can ensure supplier data adds true value to a business, its stakeholders and its broader reporting.

X Supply Chains will include speakers from M&S, BT CDP and Forum for the Future who will discuss how disruptive technologies like as digitisation, big data, analytics, blockchain, IoT, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, robotics, automation and materials science are changing traditional supply chain programmes in large organisations.

For more information on this event, visit The X Supply Chains website.

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