11 Sep 17

Greenstone partners with The Climate Group to measure Climate Week NYC 2017 footprint

cwnyc-1.jpgGreenstone has partnered with The Climate Group as the Event Footprint Partner for Climate Week NYC 2017. Taking place between September 18th and 24th in New York City, Climate Week NYC is one of the key summits in the international calendar and has been driving climate action forward since it was first launched by The Climate Group in 2009.

As well as the official Opening Ceremony hosted by The Climate Group on Monday 18th September, the week’s agenda is filled with a series of affiliate events.  Businesses, governments, academic institutions, arts and music organizations, and NGOs are all invited to participate, through the Climate Week NYC Affiliate Events program. From panel discussions, to concerts, exhibitions and seminars, organisations and individuals can play a pivotal role in advancing the debate, driving awareness, and keeping climate action at the top of the global agenda. Last year’s summit was host to more than 100 affiliate events.

Event Footprinting

Greenstone is using its non-financial reporting software to measure the environmental impact of the week’s events in New York. The footprint will include carbon emissions associated with use of different venues, as well as attendees traveling to and from New York for the week. This will be primarily based on data captured during delegate and affiliate event applications.

Greenstone carried out the Event Footprint for last year’s Climate Week NYC and has carried out similar footprints for major global events including The Ryder Cup, The Business and Climate Summit 2016 (London) and the 5th GRI Global Conference (Amsterdam).  

Greenstone and The Climate Group

Greenstone is a proud partner and supporter of The Climate Group. Since 2011, The Climate Group has used Greenstone’s non-financial reporting software to measure, monitor and manage its own carbon impact globally.

The Climate Group chose Greenstone’s web-based application because of its functional breadth and ease of accessibility from anywhere in the world. The software provides fast and accurate reports which enables in-depth analysis of energy, business travel, waste and water across all parts of the organisation.


For more information on Climate Week NYC, please visit the event website.

To find out more about Greenstone’s event carbon footprinting services, please contact us.

Are you attending Climate Week? Let us know if you are interested in meeting one of the team for a coffee to discuss your non-financial reporting requirements.

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