14 Mar 18

Greenstone adds Initiatives Savings Module to its non-financial reporting software

Initiatives Savings Module GreenstoneGreenstone has added an Initiatives Savings Module (ISM) to its non-financial reporting software. This new functionality enables Greenstone’s clients to track, monitor and report consumption, carbon and financial savings against environmental initiatives implemented across their organisation.

Greenstone has developed this functionality as a result of its clients’ increasing requirements to monitor and report environmental projects across energy, water, waste and paper. These initiatives vary from the installation of LED lighting or new servers that reduce energy consumption, to changes in industrial processes that result in significant water savings, to behavioural change initiatives that reduce paper use or increase recycling.

There is a clear business case for monitoring and verifying savings from initiatives; especially where capital investment is involved. The ISM provides an easy and reliable method of reviewing whether or not the projected savings are achieved, helping clients to identify and correct any problems early on in a project’s lifecycle. ISM also allows savings from several projects to be compared in one place, with the ability to normalise savings for a more relevant comparison between different projects. 

This new functionality enables organisations to define targets, analyse how projects have contributed towards them and identify projects that could provide CO2e or consumption savings. Each initiative can be attached to a building, operating unit or at a global level, and baselines and upfront predictions can be added to ensure accurate monitoring. Initiatives can be tagged by environmental source, type and stage of development to enable granular analysis and reporting.

The data captured in the ISM is aligned with the latest CDP questionnaires to enable clients to collect and report the data required for the ‘Targets and Initiatives’ section of their submission. Greenstone is an accredited CDP software provider and this module adds to the suite of CDP content within Greenstone’s platforms to enable streamlined reporting with CDP and other non-financial reporting frameworks.

Matthew de Villiers, CEO at Greenstone comments;

We are excited about this new functionality and the value it has already delivered for our clients. More and more we are seeing the requirement to report against increasing numbers of global initiatives.  ISM is allowing clients to plan, prioritise and monitor their initiatives to accurately inform their reporting and progress against targets.”

To view Greenstone's one-page brochure on the ISM, please click here.


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