8 Jul 14

eBook Download: “Beyond CSR Reporting: How to Value Natural Capital”

While a typical approach to reporting involves reviewing performance over the last year and assessing the next few years to set targets and goals, organisations need to take a longer term approach to ensure continued success.

Being able to place a value on Natural Capital makes a lot of sense for organisations that want to move beyond the traditional focus of reporting on operational sustainability performance. 

With this in mind, we have produced a new eBook “Beyond CSR Reporting: How to Value Natural Capital”.

The eBook explains the objectives of Natural Capital valuation and explores how this approach can by used by organisations to assess the long term sustainability of the business. Though this is by no means straightforward, by looking to place a value on dependencies (including future damage from climate change or the cost of pollution on a supplier community), it will help organisations to take a step towards responding to their impacts and report the true associated risks and costs of the business.

The eBook also explores:

  • Is Natural Capital valuation just “Materiality+”?
  • Techniques for monetising Natural Capital
  • Measuring value: Monetisation Vs Qualitative Metrics
  • Should you value Natural Capital?

Discover how Natural Capital has an important role to play in helping organisations understand the broader natural environmental cost and impact of their business.  Download the eBook to read the full story. 


Natural Capital eBook

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